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The SOURing of the MILK and why it it needs to be NON DAIRY in TRUTH

As we now begin to understand that that which we have lived prior to the lockdown will never resurface we will begin to understand the way forward. For many decades if not longer there has been a massive shift, as with any shift it has come in waves and these waves are now crashing thru humanity. Just like in a STORM there are those who seek shelter, those who are navigating the STORM and those who are running from it. WE ARE ASKED TO REMAIN STILL IN THE EYE OF THE STORM AS IT PASSES AND CLEARS THE WAY FOR US.

The energetic STORM works to cleanse and clear all that has held humanity in destruction. This destruction has been cellular and starts at DNA/RNA level. Everything that we interact with has an energy signature and at this time the signatures are revealing themselves in order that we can now see more clearly.

The BIO FUEL that the ORGANIC human physical vehicle requires is completely different from the GENETICALLY ENGINEERED human physical vehicle and this will become more and more apart. Human consciousness is the synthetic connection of human minds to human minds, created when humanity were created and held in place by false energy circuits, these will break down and we will begin to see a clear division between synthetic humans and organic humans.

This is the parting of the goats and the sheep that has been talked about in prophecy for eons. In order to expand and to evolve we have to return to our ORGANIC state, this sees a disconnection from the synthetically driven dimensional space that is run by the AI machine. This process has been underway for some linear time and will now deepen.

The energy storm will clear and in its wake will be a new dawn, its why we came here, to this time, to this space to reveal TRUTH. The "milk" of human kindness now changes from the HERD produced assumption to TRUTH which is the organic flow from SOURCE in TRUTH.

TEA anyone?



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