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We are in momentous times, we are now entering a phase of deep cleansing and intense scrubbing of the deep heart space. It is not TRUTH to try to control the way in which we are cleansed. The human logical mind will continue to attempt to disrupt the cleansing process by pulling focus away from that which is requiring the deep cleansing.

For many of us at this time it has been a very challenging walk, the walk that many are attempting is to keep walking and this is not TRUTH. We have been within various constructs and each construct has a dimensional space associated with it. We will have in many instances gone round in circles fully over and over again but always somehow missing that which is keeping the circular movement in operation. The human logical mind is powerful and it can create dream scapes that seem appealing however if they do not come to fruition there is a block and it is this block that the human logical mind will skillfully hide repeatedly.

We are moving physically into a new way of living and being and our human logical mind will have a list of ideas that have been gleaned from that which is presented to the human race in terms of nutrition and "live foods". We cannot maintain a healthy body with a weak spirit, we cannot maintain a strong spirit in a weak body and this is just the tip of the next unveiling.

Many would state that they are in optimum health and yet the SPIRIT in TRUTH does not require to be fueled the way that the soul required to be fueled. Fuel is not only the food and drink that we consume it is the frequency that we are surrounded with. It is the frequency within the DNA/RNA of our own mollecular structure. Many are now seeing patterns coming up for release and the release is being held back due to the familiarity of that which is being revealed.

We are never more blind than we we accept that which is shown to us is just part and parcel of being "human". We are moving from stasis to fluidity, this is guided fully by our SPIRIT in TRUTH, if we are too strong in our belief system frequency then the SPIRIT in TRUTH is locked deep within us and not permitted to do the work that it is designed to do. If we are too weak in our SPIRIT in TRUTH we will find ourselves defaulting to false SOUL PATTERNING BEHAVIORS. Either of these is not a comfortable place to be and yet it will appear to be appealing as it is presented.

The SPIN CYCLE is where our deep heart space washing gains in momentum. For many it will see a block that stops them in their tracks and it is designed to. It is not our decision at a waking conscious mind level what can and cannot be taken any further, it is down to our SPIRIT in TRUTH which is connected to Wider Creation in TRUTH. Many within humanity are attempting to hold firmly on to their current humanity, believing that somehow it must be solidified more strongly. Nothing is further from TRUTH, we have simply been conditioned to accept certain behaviors as being "human" but this does make them TRUTH.

There are various traits within humanity that have been CULTURED and ADDED to the human physical vehicle, many of them are seen as the foundation of a human being and this is being addressed thru SPIRIT in TRUTH at this time.

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(c) Karen Doonan, all righs reserved

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