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The storm that is coming to destroy ALL

We live in a vacuum that seeks to present itself as a living breathing entity but which in TRUTH is an inhale that was never exhaled.  We are conditioned heavily to accept without comment, adopting that which is done by the majority "because" is no reason to adopt anything.  Millions within humanity have no idea why they do what they do everyday except for "because" and that everyone else does it so what is the problem?

The problem is that which lies beneath that which we have been conditioned to believe is the way to live a human life experience.  We are now preparing for various festivals that seek to have us sell our souls once again.  No one questions these activities because no human is alive to speak for that which has already occurred.  As generations are born and then die then that which they have PHYSICALLY experienced dies with them and the old earth construct/matrix then can begin to subtly alter that which was experienced in favor of that which is presumed to have been experienced.

We invoke rote and ritual in ALL aspects of this our human life experience.  It is accepted more readily when it is seen or assumed to be part of our culture, indeed in certain countries it is exaggerated hugely in order to market said culture and pull those who may have exited the culture BACK into it.  There are many for example Scottish cultural aspects that when seen in the LIGHT of TRUTH are beyond evil and yet they weave a tale that many are lured into.  Scotland must be one of the most blood soaked countries within the old earth construct/matrix but it builds upon said blood.  The denseness of frequency results in a darkness of living and yet it is cut up and sent to other countries in nice little marketed packages so that ALL can partake of the death, destruction and blood letting that still goes on.

How many know what a nip represents in TRUTH? How many know that whiskey is the devils blood and that by drinking it within certain rituals and rote that the contract of selling a soul is completed?   Many may have never heard of this and may be wondering why it is whiskey and not wine.  Whiskey is made from GRAIN which is the harvest from the fields. It is no mistake that Scotland is the largest producer of whiskey or that the grain produced here is then sent to other countries.

Scotland has one of the highest alcohol abuse rates in the old earth construct/matrix and has one of the highest domestic abuse rates per head of population.  But it remains hidden in plain view. There is an old scottish saying that goes "when the drink is in the wit is out". Which means that when someone is drunk they have taken leave of their senses.    Scottish people (of which I am one by birth) can drink other nations under the table, it is literally in our blood and therein lies the sin.

Scotland is one of the oldest land masses that exists within the old earth construct/matrix. It has seen the clashes of war, of wars that are still going on (now behind closed doors), it has its own legal system that stands separate from the rest of the world, the list of what Scotland represents is endless but it is wrapped upon in a tartan bow and sold to humanity as culture.

The map that is represented by google these days does not show TRUTH , the countries have all changed names, locations and borders have been moved and moved again. We tend to accept and to adapt to that which is continually placed in front of us.  Again the generations as they die out take versions with them.  We are continually being presented with an illusion.

Within Scotland just now is the fight for freedom from Europe.  A continent that millions lost their lives fighting generations before to make sure that Scotland remained free.  No one talks about their sacrifice in terms of what they were fighting for albeit their sacrifice is remembered.  Now the leaving is caught up in more ritual and rote and the war on whiskey raises its head once more. Scotland is one of the most expensive countries to buy alcohol. It has a tax that is not imposed in other countries so that its residents pay more per head for the alcohol than other countries and yet the war has broken out in relation to the export of whiskey.  The drink that has caused untold misery for countless generations who have endured the pain and backlash from someone consumed by it.

Raising prices of alcohol does nothing to help the abuse that this creates, selling it as an upmarket cultural necessity does not lessen the death and destruction it creates in its wake.  But this remains hidden to many who simply see it as luxury product that creates jobs.

When we sell our soul to the devil he will deliver but in ways that he keeps to himself until it is revealed to the seller. What price freedom? ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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