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The tearing of the veil and the revelation in TRUTH

We are now approaching the festivities that allow that which usually remains hidden to to the naked human eye to walk unhindered among us.  The veil is thinner at this time of "year" than at any other and this is the veil that will be rendered and never put back.  We are given prophesy which is shielded in the logical theorizing by those who seek to hide TRUTH thru the construct of religion.

It is the layers of FREQUENCY that hide TRUTH. There is still a very distasteful phase of the waking up process that involves humanity judging their fellow humans and berating them for not being able to see.   As I have long blogged, written and been interviewed about, we can only see as far as the frequency that we are running permits us to.  To judge someone else for not being able to "see" is like berating a blind person for not being able to use their eyes.  It is simply not possible until the veils have been removed and each veil is PERSONAL.

There have been many false teachings that seek to persuade that humanity in general is going thru a process therefore everyone will go thru the same gateways, expansion and veil removal as everyone else. This is not TRUTH and simply puts a lot of pressure on those who can feel an expansion but cannot comprehend it at a waking conscious mind level.  It is not possible to go beyond where the process has us at any one moment. It is a process, much like learning to walk, we would not expect to somehow just sit up, stand up and stride confidently across the room and yet this is the expectation of many and is the judgment that many put upon their fellow man.

This is not a race, it is not some prize that we are all moving towards, it is our evolution, our birthright and it has to be moved into firmly.  It is not a case of first past the post gets a shiny prize and title. This is simply the ego fighting to remain and many have fallen to this. This is NOT judgment upon self, it is the letting the go, the acceptance that we are not where we are meant to be. That does not make us wrong, does not make us lesser than anyone else, it is simply TRUTH.  We have been kept at this false starting point deliberately by a force that is not seen, not accepted and is not limited by the boundaries that it placed upon its own creation.

At this time we are asked to be gentle and to understand that we will get there. Those who are part of the expansion in TRUTH process will begin to evolve and the ripple will go out thru humanity. NONE ARE LEFT BEHIND IN TRUTH, however the process each human being goes thru is not the same for all.

This commonly misunderstood concept will now be revealed thru the lifting of a veil that seeks to hide itself apart from a very short time period where it walks and it REAPS. This time not only does the veil not return but neither does that which the veil allows to enter this dimensional space. That which walks this space requires a frequency in which to interact, this frequency is only available for a short time period, after which it dissolves. This time around the frequency dissolves, the veil remains removed and that which is not TRUTH IS REVEALED IN ITS TRUE FORM.  It is TRUTH that destroys darkness, nothing else for TRUTH is the frequency of  wider Creation in TRUTH and is the very foundation of creation.

That which is in TRUTH an un-creation will simply cease to exist.  This will now be played out on various dimensional platforms and those who are now able to process this understanding will be moved fully thru it and beyond. FOR TRUTH JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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