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The tools to "boat building" in TRUTH

Living in a world that is defined and in which we are conditioned to accept and to even obey sees us struggle to see that which is in front of us in its true form.  Such is the deception that has been in place since the creation of the human race that many will walk with that which is tainted over that which reveals itself in TRUTH because one is accepted and the other rejected by society in general.

When it comes to boat building for the flood that is now increasing around and within us we are asked to remove all that is no longer of that which we are aligning to.  This sees us take stock as it were of the tools that we have at our disposal. We each have a set of tools that we have amassed since the moment we took our first breath in this our human physical form. Most of the tools remain hidden and this of course works against us.  When we use the tools they do not always work in the way in which they are presented, much like a strongly worded advertising campaign that runs internally, we tend to opt for the tools that do the maximum damage not understanding that the damage is done both ways, that is the tool inflicts damage on both the user of the tool and the person whom the tool is used against.  This double edge is of course hidden, the old earth construct/matrix works by design and NEVER deviates from said design.

This is hidden in the clever advertising and false promises that come along with said tool. Millions within humanity are currently staging a war that is not real with themselves and with those around them. Locked into an ongoing battle, becoming more and more weary as the battle rages and defending the battle and the use of the weaponry employed within the battle. For these within humanity it is a complete fabrication to state that there is no war, how can there be no war when there are so many weapons to be used?  this is the logic that is used and as logic is a weapon of war it will defend itself to the max.

Where we feel threatened, dis-empowered, frustrated and left behind we will begin to wage war and we will always do so to the detriment of all who are embroiled in said war.  War is the very core of the old earth construct/matrix, it comes in a variety of different manifestations but it is the base of the very design of the construct itself. It seeks to validate itself at each and every moment and there is no one alive in this our human physical from who has not engaged in war at some level.

In order to build the boats that are required in order to set sail as the flood waters rise we must lay down these weapons of war and take up the tools of building. They are completely different to the weapons of war and many will find the challenge that begins as soon as they approach this picture to be "if I lay down a weapon then I will get hurt in the process". This leads on to the next logical thought which says that in order to build it is possible to hold both a weapon and a tool and work one or the other at the same time. This is human logic and reasoning and will be opposed and heavily challenged by our Creator YHWY.  As soon as we lay down our weapons of war WE END THE WAR THAT RAGES PERSONALLY.  We become invisible and those who are still using weapons simply walk past us.

This TRUTH is denied by all within humanity who have become so used to the war that anything other is laughed at.  "This is a world of survival and those who do not engage in survival die" is the logical response of humanity.  Logic and reasoning have nothing to do with TRUTH, they are not even in the same arena and this will be revealed to all levels to those who now take a breath and end the personal war that has raged forever, throughout every incarnation and every situation they have ever drawn breath within.

The heavy conditioning that rages at this time is in relation to visibility, the use of social media is deliberate for the challenge that is presented first and foremost is to allow invisibility.  For in order to begin boat building we HAVE to become invisible, it is the spoils of war that darkness is interested in, it harvests more from those at war than those who are building and will go for the easiest food source first and foremost. It is therefore in our interest to become invisible, as soon as we do this we will discover if we have weapons of war that have remained hidden within us.

Much like a virtual reality (which the old earth construct/matrix is in TRUTH) a weapon can only ever be used when it is found and ACTIVATED. The activation of a weapon is always triggered emotionally.  Thus we become masters of war and use our weapons as a default, we strike first and foremost and have raged and ravaged our way through the human life experience repeatedly. Many are now so battle weary that becoming neutral is now the main objective because the logical belief is that to achieve neutrality somehow dulls the pain, it simply hides it.

So when we are guided to lay down our weapons we must become aware of any need that arises within us to pick the weapons back up. We will be given clear guidance and support in moving into and beyond this phase of the cleansing and clearing stage.  Where we begin to wield a weapon we will find our selves opposed until we surrender the weapon.  We must understand that building the boat can only ever take place in our surrender of our weaponry and that the challenge is internal, we will now be given experience of how to manage this internal conditioning, leading to our full surrender of it as we now learn to walk in a world that is crumbling and find sure footing where others will find no path at all. We are being led out of the war zone that we have simply adjusted to living within and are being moved into beyond. Beyond the edge of the old earth construct/matrix and it is from this vantage point that we understand that we were both the contestants and the viewers and that even entertaining the game saw us lose over and over because the old earth construct/matrix is DESIGNED to give this experience.

At this time we are supplied not only with the tools of building but the materials with which to build.  The boat building is a frequency protected dimensional space that is protected fully as it sits within wider creation in TRUTH and as such cannot be interfered with by the old earth construct/matrix, it can however be paused when we begin to entertain any frequency that is not in alignment with boat building.  In order to build we are asked to surrender and in the surrender we enforce our victory. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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