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The UNSEEN world in TRUTH

We have lived in a construct that has sought to present itself other than it is in TRUTH. For many at this time the revelation that nothing is as it seems may be overwhelming. The seeker who first begins to stir will move into anger first and foremost as they begin to understand the lie that is the human life experience within the old earth construct. It is vital not to get stuck in this phase of awakening because much like the grief process which is a process that many within humanity get stuck in it must be allowed to expand and to be accepted. Accepting that the outer waking reality is simply a very deep illusion allows us to work with it more closely and to begin to unchain ourselves from it. Anger however will once more blind us to the unseen and the unseen forces begin to trigger anger in order to remain hidden again.

This leads to deep frustration begin to rise within the awakening seeker and will often see a sense of betrayal begin to arise within them.  No one is listening they believe so they up their anger and shout louder but this is akin to walking through a forest and attempting to alert others to the creatures there by making a loud noise. Said creatures simply take flight and begin to hide once more.

Anger does not work because anger is one of the primary frequencies that hold the old earth construct together. It is a binding of various lower dimensional frequencies that allow the illusions to remain together and create a picture.  A bit like adding paint thinner to a canvas painting once we begin to work with TRUTH (which is the highest frequency that exists) the painting begins to melt.  The key to working though is not to suddenly rejoice because a part of the picture is melting but to allow the paint thinner to do its job and to reach to the canvas below, the canvas upon which the picture is created.

This is a very simple example but it shows the complexity that many believe is the picture is not the root.  Unless we destroy the root it will simply regrow and morph into another picture that again triggers the anger and so it goes on. It is why the rabbit hole never ends because it never will as long as the canvas remains. It is the canvas that is being exposed at this time and many within humanity are simply attempting to paint something "new" upon it. Painting something "new" upon it will not work because the canvas itself is corrupt, the paint will simply begin to rot once more.

This is the fabric upon which the old earth construct was placed and it is this canvas that must now be permitted to self destruct which it will.  TRUTH JUST IS, it does not require to be defended for it will do the work it requires to do with no further help. The challenge is to allow it to do its work and not meddle. We in this our human physical form have been conditioned to manipulate because we ourselves have been manipulated by the forces that are below the picture.  They will continue to attempt to persuade us that we must do X or Y in the hope that we entertain them and in doing so we PREVENT the self destruct that is now underway.

ALL is not as it appears to the naked human eye and we must accept this fully and remain out of the challenge of attempting to recreate something that must now simply destroy itself because it is not TRUTH.   Many will go into immediate fear believing the conditioning that behind the canvas is nothing but this is a lie for said canvas is simply blocking wider creation in TRUTH, wider creation is there because it JUST IS in TRUTH.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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