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The war on gender is a war on the human male physical vehicle in TRUTH

We live in a dimensional matrix that seeks to have us conform but it does this in waves. We may look at "trends" or even look at "generations" and what we will see is the conditioning, then of course the various generations live alongside one another and the SEPARATION and DIVISION that this causes begins to reveal itself.  One generation will then go to war with another generation (usually the one above it) so there is always a 3 way split. We will have grandparents generation that seeks to placate the child with the parent generation being triggered by both.  This is deliberate in order to harvest as much fear and anxiety frequency as possible.

This is hidden to many within humanity who simply write this off as "the younger generation".  Take for example the widely talked about Generation X,   note the use of the chromosome in the label.  The war is on the X chromosome itself but this remains hidden to many.  So why the war on the human physical male vehicle?

The war that is now gaining in momentum is to identify the X chromosome and take it out because it contains information that is detrimental to the old earth matrix itself. It is part of the experiment that is humanity.  What happens when we gender neutralize an entire race?  what can we harvest from them that we cannot harvest whilst the X chromosome is still there?  well plenty.

The human physical male vehicle is designed for strength and resilience, it is designed from within the heart space. The human male who is fully in his heart space is a force to be reckoned with but this is being attacked by a matrix who has seen the threat that this poses to its neutralization. Hence we have the backlash.  Men who are following their own natural male traits are being demonized and in the demonization is the lie that will end the human race.

It is an illusion to look at a human physical form and equate the gender that is presented with the soul frequency that is housed there.  There are many hybrids that walk in physical human forms but the male human physical form is the most challenging for them. So they require to neutralize it in order to use it as a host. There are many men within humanity who are now running a fear frequency that simply was not there before, surrounded by humanity who are now rejecting their very presence.  This is not TRUTH and for many it is a walk that they will take into the beyond.

The divine male is not what we think it is, nor is the divine female. These two labels have been used to cover up that which is taking place. In order to drive a race to a certain point the danger has to be negated by those driving said race. The human physical male is the danger to that which wishes now to take over humanity. It is HE who requires to be neutralized and the conditioning that is now being placed upon Generation X is deliberate. They are conditioned to see others as labels, to be separated emotionally from those around them and they are conditioned to use technology to the extreme. Generation X is the tipping point of humanity and is the war zone that many are now being pulled into.

Ladies we are required to support the human physical males in our lives and we will be under enormous pressure to side step this.  Culture dictates how difficult and challenging it will become.  There are generational frequencies that have to be dissolved.  For example if you are born into a Celtic Culture you will require to dissolve ancient DNA/RNA programming which has the female as the dominant force.  With war and death prevalent within the history of the Celts (Scottish, Irish etc) it can be challenging to dissolve this as women have been conditioned to be almost as men, stepping in to lead the family unit when men have gone to war etc.  We need to find balance, it is not either / or.  It is not divine feminine at the expense of the human physical male for that is the pendulum swinging too far the other way.

The human physical male and the human physical female COMBINED create a 360 degree vision that is simply not there otherwise and the old earth matrix KNOWS this so it works to take one of them out. This dehumanizes the human physical male but then allows for maximum manipulation of the human physical female.  It sets up a frequency of resentment as the human physical female is left defenseless and the human physical male feels the shame of not being able to protect her. They have to WORK TOGETHER at all levels to maintain and deepen the bond and I do not just mean on a romantic/sexual level. This is about the human race.  It is about balance and harmonization and this goes beyond the very dense sexual expression of love that the old earth matrix uses as a weapon.

We are now at the tipping point.  Humans come in two genders, male and female.  The neutralization of humanity MUST be challenged by dissolving the fear frequencies that arise as the conditioning tries to take hold. It is not somehow disrespectful to women to place men in their ORIGINAL ROLE OF PROTECTOR. WE NEED THEM, now more than ever but the conditioning is very subtle. We have to allow men to be men and to allow ourselves to balance accordingly.  ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

We are asked at this time to remain still and to remove all, any and every frequency of fear that arises within us as the cleansing continues. This is the cleansing of ancestral grief, trauma and loss and it will bring up some hurtful stuff.  We are now moving to a new way of living and being and we can only do this thru surrender to TRUTH. All else is illusion. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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