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The War on LOVE in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to validate itself repeatedly.  We are given false reference points and conditioned to allow them to guide us through this human life experience.  Our early years lay the foundation for a pattern which hides itself through various manifestations of that which was laid down.  In order to embrace LOVE in TRUTH we have to allow ourselves to challenge everything we have ever been taught and conditioned to believe.  This is not done through research or through external searching for this simply locks the BELIEF systems that make up our internal emotional landscape further in place.


What will pull us out of balance, that which will seek to present itself as love is that which seeks to feed on the separation between us internally and our heart.  We can sit and tell ourselves various internal stories and our human logical mind will seek to polarize the stories further. This blinds us to LOVE in TRUTH at all levels. Where we believe that we have the right to define love we find a belief system that is controlling and deliberately stopping our expansion beyond the internal boundaries.

In this our human physical form it is challenging to allow LOVE TO LOVE.  We are repeatedly conditioned to reference and to segregate whom we love and whom love us.  LOVE has been defined for us.  The aid of technology has driven this further and humanity have never been more polarized and separate as we are now. LOVE in TRUTH cannot be found in our human logical mind it is found only within our heart for LOVE in TRUTH defies polarization and all, any and every logic.

The mind is a master illusionist, we may tell ourselves we know what LOVE is then seek to have it in a particular context.  We cannot think LOVE, for LOVE in TRUTH is an action, it is something that happens within us that is then externalized and radiated back to us. It must start internally and we cannot use any of the constructs within the old earth in which to look for it for the external reflections used in the old earth are only set for that which is separate within our internal emotional landscape.

ALL JUST IS, it is the context in which we place ALL that changes what we see, believe and feel about ALL. The old earth is a mish mash of false reflections set up only to reflect the pain, trauma and separation that exists within our human physical vehicle through reflecting that which is broken inside of us.  We can look at a picture and see what is missing or see what is there. BOTH ARE VALID but as the human logical mind polarizes everything it will depend on that which is triggered deep within our internal emotional landscape the context into which that which we are viewing is placed.

It is time to move beyond the hurt, the pain, the trauma and remove the reflection completely for we are no longer required to walk through the house of mirrors. We will simply keep getting lost. We do not exit the hall of mirrors by changing the reflections, we exit by destroying the mirrors that are reflecting.  This to the human logical mind seems crazy, we would be blind, yes we will. BUT OUR HEART IS NOT BLIND, OUR HEART KNOWS ONLY LOVE IN TRUTH.  So in order to exit a broken reality we rely not on our human eyes, or our human logical mind but OUR HEART which will always center us, always keep us safe for it knows ONLY LOVE IN TRUTH.

The journey begins now and the calling has gone out.  Will you answer the call to LOVE in TRUTH? LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER THE QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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