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The War that is "family" in TRUTH

For many within humanity the idea that those closest to us are anything but who they appear to be is ridiculous.  There is a saying that "we cannot choose our family but we can choose our friends" and this phrase hides the illusion fully.  How often do we allow behaviors within our family that we would simply not permit from our close friends and others?   the answer may surprise you.

We are incarnate through the incarnation wheels that Lucifer uses to maintain the crop within the dimensional space that we are referenced as "earth".  We are not here to "learn" anything, we are here to provide the crop that this dimensional space grows and it grows more abundantly through the frequency of fear, indeed the more fear, betrayal, abandonment and jealousy that can be installed into a human vehicle the faster the crop grows within said human vehicle.

It is within our human family that we are given the foundation that we apply to our ENTIRE human life experience and it is laid down before we gain the ability to master human speech.  It is the seeding that occurs prior to our own awareness. Children below the age of two years old have no self awareness.  It is only when a child reaches the ages of between 2 and 3 years old that they begin to recognize themselves as little people who are independent of those around them.  Therefore the seeding period has a very short shelf life, all seeds are planted within the first two years of human life and Lucifer goes to extreme lengths to make sure the seeds are planted and remain hidden.

It is not until we begin to grow as human beings that these seeds are either weeded out or are permitted to remain.  The main seeds that are planted are those of doubt and fear. The other ones are planted along side to hide these seeds.  The triggering of growth and subsequent watering of these seeds is done by those around us.  Lucifer places the human soul that has the most growth potential within the human family bloodlines that are already incarnate within the dimensional space.  So we are optimized for the old earth construct/matrix through our birth into human form.  This remains hidden to most of humanity who are kept in the dark as it were through the veils that are placed upon humanity.

Now those veils are being removed and many are now becoming more aware that that which is presented to us at human waking level is not what it first appears. The teenage years are where the main watering begins, the rebellious teenager has been accepted by humanity as a "phase" that all go through but when we look behind the veil we see in TRUTH that which the teenage years actually are. They are the anchoring to the blueprint of the family generational patterns. Whether the teenager rejects the family patterning or accepts it fully it is the two sides of the same coin.  Indeed the teenager can be seen as the crop sower in many ways with seeds planted in those around them by their behaviors.  Teenagers are not children but nor are they adults and the age of 13 years old is the optimum age that this seeding and re sowing begins in earnest as the behaviors trigger the parents and in doing so seed the crop fully that was planted within their foundation years.

It is not for nothing that the bible talks about crops, about harvests and about planting yet the construct of religion has sought to keep this veil fully in place by giving a different reference point for the symbolism.

At this time Lucifer is well aware of the harvest that is about to be taken in.  This harvest is CYCLICAL and GENERATIONAL.  Prophecy is now completing and as it completes the access to the crop and harvest is being closed down.  Lucifer is now taking steps to gain access to the crops in a different manner.  This will see a series of world events that make no logical sense to humanity begin to play out. They make no logical sense because their purpose is not logical, their purpose is to force grow the crop that through prophecy is not permitted to be harvested.  This force growing of the crop has detrimental effects to the hosts of said crops and we will now begin to see an increase in the mental health epidemic that is now taking hold.

Darkness does not care for the host of the crop, the host is irrelevant to them, what is important is the harvest itself. Take for example the host of the harvest of shame which requires the host to be addicted to a substance.  The health and well being of the host is not supported by darkness, indeed it is in the interest of darkness to keep the host in an incapacitated state in order that the crop can flourish.   Seen from this vantage point we can understand why addiction is something that REMAINS, it can be controlled but in order to step fully out of it requires a deep connection to Christ and a full surrender IN Him in order for the seeds to be rejected fully and the host freed from the seeding.

The construct of religion has done a marvelous job of maintaining the crops of darkness through the linking of the Cross to darkness. It was not on the Cross that Christ defeated darkness, it was in the 3 days AFTER AND DURING DEATH that He secured His Victory.  The construct of religion hides this TRUTH by keeping its followers on the CROSS and in doing so secures a plentiful harvest for Lucifer and darkness.

At this time we are being cleansed and cleared of the seeds that are attempting to germinate, we are asked to remain surrendered IN Christ as the re seeding and sowing commences and humanity begins to turn on itself in earnest. For a seed to grow it has to be planted in fertile soil, the human logical mind is the field in which the seeding takes place, in order to germinate the seeds require a field of fear, desolation, anxiety and hopelessness.  This is what will now be presented to humanity in order that they ACCEPT the illusion and in doing so PERMIT the planting and watering of said crop. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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