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The emotional storm that is now gaining in momentum and which is created deliberately in order to harvest from the divisions that have ALREADY been sown within humanity is the beginning of the ripping of the veils between worlds.  It has long been talked about and debated the 'worlds" that are connected but humanity are conditioned to ignore that which walks in this particular dimensional space.

With the conditioning comes the re enforcement of said conditioning, a human being conditioned to ignore something is fed a false reference point which then blinds the human eyes and most of the human senses to that which stands right in front of them.  So blinded are humanity by EMOTION that this is the primary weapon that is used by darkness.  It defines itself in the eyes of its targets and then appears in a different form in order to confuse and in the confusion it attacks.  Spiritual attack is often very different from that which is assumed and that which is accepted.  It is entirely possible for an entity to reach out and become pliable, the entire point of the connection is possession.

The media churns out films that portray possession as something violent and very obvious and this is deliberate. Whilst many would state that they have never had any interaction with darkness this is but a lie for we live within a construct that was created by darkness, interaction is therefore by default.  Possession needs various qualities in order to be completed, it needs a host and it requires the host to be a particular vibration and frequency, it also requires its host to be willing in order to become subservient. Many are hosting many different entities totally unaware of the subtle changes that have begun since the first interaction.

Many years ago I attended a gathering where those who had assembled were relatively new to what is termed "channeling".  It shocked me at the time the amount of people I spoke with who asked me what it was they were interacting with. Many people went into various levels of description of what it felt like when that which they were communicating with came to them.  At the time I explained to those I conversed with that it is vital that we understand exactly what we are entertaining because our human physical vehicle is akin to our "housing".  Whilst most people would never dream of leaving their front door open with a "welcome come on in" sign clearly posted on the front porch it is staggering the amount of people who do this at a spiritual level.

The main foundation that darkness needs for a host is a low frequency and as much emotional debris as possible. It tethers itself to the emotional debris, so we find those within humanity who are in shame and self loathing because of a life experience that left them with said emotional debris most at risk.  These hosts will  be surrounded by various entities looking for a home as it were.  We will find the host begin to look for an escape from the oppression that they will feel when the entities surround them. We will then find the host begins to seek out various negative coping strategies.  It does not of course help if the host has sought medical attention because all drugs work to create a space where darkness takes root. The drugs separate the human physical body from the emotional landscape, this means the host becomes almost numb, no longer in emotional pain as such but no longer able to associate with their emotions. A perfect host for an entity. This is fueled by the addictive nature of the drugs being prescribed and many medications will require certain foods are avoided altogether, setting up a low frequency vibration which becomes the foundation frequency.

Then the entity may invite some friends round, it has a willing host, a host that no longer actually feels, they are numb between the medication and the oppression from darkness.

Society will look at the above example as a person who needs more medical help and will ignore fully the possession that is being undertaken.  This has been going on for the entire time that humanity has existed and over said linear time darkness has perfected the possession technique.

Then darkness created religion and sought to keep humanity chained at the cross, reliving their emotional distress repeatedly in order that they could be lined up for more hosting.  To hide what it was doing it created more than one version of religion and had one religion turn on the other, all the while the emotional debris accumulated and darkness sat back and waited..........

Then the world began to burn and the emotional outpouring began, the hosts were then located and entered and that which was on the spiritual plane began to walk on the physical and humanity still ignored it because all they could see were other humans who disagreed with them and they continued the war of words that does nothing but blind further.

That which is prophecy is completing. That which has surrounded and oppressed humanity now walks physically within humanity and the reaping has begun. Those who are sealed to TRUTH, those who have been awakened now are asked to step fully into the LIGHT of TRUTH for that which was the stuff of nightmares is now walking among us fully. No longer held back by the physical form it has taken physical form using those who fell to the conditioning in order to be in full rebellion to TRUTH and in doing so sold their soul.

That which was spiritual is now physical and those who were sealed now take their places as the war that was won spiritually will now be won PHYSICALLY.  As those who were sent to show the way home now shine brightly.  Darkness may walk in physical form but it is outshone and defeated by that which has also taken human form and which has slept among humanity forever.  It matters not how many physical hosts that darkness has possessed for LOVE in TRUTH is the higher frequency, it is the very fabric of wider creation and as such it destroys all that is not TRUTH.


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