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The Wounding of the Male in TRUTH

We are born into a reality which seeks to polarize our human life experience from the moment we take our first breath.  No more so than when it comes to the definition that is provided (both subliminally and unconsciously) for what it "means' to be female and what it "means" to be male.  As a human female I have long wrestled with the reference points that are provided for me in relation to the human male.  I have had the blessing of having many males who have opened up to me in our friendship and I have seen the devastation that remains hidden to the majority of human females.  MALES HURT in ways that are kept hidden and this is deliberate. In order for Lucifer to divide humanity he had to turn the female on the male.  It is not the other way around. 

Having spent many years training within the violence against women and domestic violence arena I have been absolutely staggered by the prejudice and assumption that is made by those who are being trained.  That somehow this is a male problem and we simply have to address the situation in a very logical way.  I have hosted training sessions where my co trainer was a male and have been stunned by the reaction of those who "expected" to be trained by women.  Said male was brought up in an environment in his early years where he witnessed domestic violence and him training was to address the problem. He was trying to stop others from going through what he had experienced as a child.  So what does his gender have to do with anything?  EVERYTHING.

At this time we are deluged with the "divine" feminine, we are deluged with "gender fluidity" and this further hides the pain of the human male.  His role is being attacked at all and every and any angle. The human male is being disempowered by the complicity of the human female who has been CONDITIONED to believe that somehow the human male is in attack mode.  He is HURT, he is BEWILDERED and he is SUFFOCATING.

Male suicide rates remain at an all time high and for those within the teenage to early twenties age range this is increasing.  It is not enough to say that  "males need to express themselves and talk",  what happens when they talk and then that which they share is then used against them?  what is the point?   It is not about getting males to talk about how they feel it is about accepting that the male is being attacked deliberately and altering our behavior through rejecting the very intense conditioning that seeks to define what a male is.

We are given a gender when we are born into this human physical life experience in order to experience human life. This gender is no better than the other gender. A human male and a human female who are brought together and who understand the roles and the support that they can offer WITHIN THE FORMS THEY HAVE TAKEN are a force like no other. It is not about "I am a woman, i dont need a male", we were CREATED to be in a relationship, we are created to share and to love. We were NEVER created to live separately.  It is not about "I am a woman i am equal to the male and I can do everything he does" that is irrelevant.  A human male provides protection for the human female in ways that remain hidden. On a spiritual level he is powerful because his energy is that which keeps the human female ANCHORED.  Without an anchor we are open to vast manipulation and will continually go out of balance.

The human male is being disempowered in order that UNBALANCE reigns on the physical plane in which humanity live out their human life experience. In order to address the balance issue it is the human male who must be healed and this healing is through the heart space. Human males bleed like human females bleed, cut him and he will bleed.  Human males cry as human females cry, his eyes produce tears as the human female do.

The war is deliberate and the war is now increasing as gender fluidity and the neutralization of the human race now ramps up. The human male is the KEY that unlocks balance within humanity. Without HIM ALL ARE LOST.  We must put down our weapons and allow LOVE to heal all for it is LOVE that will now address the balance issues but in order to accept and work with this we require to open our hearts and use our heart to see that which our human logical mind denies and which our human naked eyes are blind to. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER THE QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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