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There is NO Shadow in TRUTH

There are many false teachings that seek to have us walk in the VALLEY of DEATH and allow the SHADOWS to walk with us. THERE IS NO SHADOW IN TRUTH. There is only LIGHT because only LIGHT exists in TRUTH. This is denied by many within humanity who have lived in the trauma frequencies and defend them fully at this time.

WE ARE here to shine brightly in order that ALL SHADOWS are removed. We do not work with shadow to remove it, we work with LIGHT in order that the LIGHT permeates and destroys said shadow. This is something that is being underlined by Creator thru Christ at this time. We are heavily opposed if we attempt to remain in the dark and refuse to move into the LIGHT in order to understand.

Viewing humanity as a crop sees us able to see the false "son" that has been used to grow said crop. Artificial light that has seen a crop grow that is spiritualty and vibrationally stunted. It seeks to hold on to the artifical light believing the lies of darkness that somehow by leaving this light on it saves them from the darkness. DARKNESS CREATED THE FALSE "son" in order to grow the crops and in due course to manipulate the crops that were grown.

In every race there is a story of the false "son" it was seeded into the crops in an attempt to gain sovereignty over the crop and its generational replication. At this time the false "son" is holding many like rabbits in headlights. They fear and in the fear they are paralysed. They are in danger of being run over by the human physical vehicles around them because of said false "son" that blinds them.

WE ARE asked to move deep into our heart space, to understand that WE ARE from Wider Creation in TRUTH and so challenge all, any and every NON ORGANIC frequency that is being used in this dimensional space. In order to grow and to thrive the crop requires to be fully ORGANIC.



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