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There are many false paths that humanity are offered in the walk out of the old earth and beyond.  As we exist within a dimensional space the very word "path" conjures up further illusion,  our human logical mind will create an image of a linear movement when in TRUTH we do not walk spiritually in linear anything.  Linear is a construct that humanity are chained to through the use of logic and reasoning.  Indeed the more that the human logical mind is allowed to expand within the process the more the chains strengthen.

There is a deep false teaching in relation to the "third eye", as logic is the tool used spiritually to blind and to further enslave why would be encouraged to open yet another "root" for the logical mind itself?  human consciousness is a barrier behind which TRUTH is hidden to humanity.  It is a dimensional construct designed to have the human searching enter a hall of mirrors and remain there.  It is the heart that knows TRUTH and the heart that allows us to expand beyond all boundaries because the heart is the only space in which TRUTH exists.  ALL IS FREQUENCY AND BANDWIDTH therefore allowing the human logical mind to run the show simply tunes to other radio stations on the same frequency, it does NOTHING to alter the actual bandwidth.

Change is not something that exists externally it is a variation that will always have a theme because it is a spiritual binding until it is removed.  The human logical mind at this time is running on empty because it is reaching its limit with relation to reference points.  Therefore the paradigms that it can accept are diminishing. This sees humanity go around in circles trying to solve that which does not require to be solved.

The old earth construct is not a puzzle in TRUTH, it is a labrynth which will always take the seeker AWAY from TRUTH because it is created in a false dimensional frequency and is bound by dimensional portals that see the seeker re enter the labrynth from a different perspective.

The only way out is in and the only exit is THROUGH THE HEART SPACE out to wider creation in TRUTH.  Why do humanity require to solve that which is placed before them? because we have been trained to react this way. NOTHING REQUIRES TO BE SOLVED BECAUSE ALL IS DISSOLVING.

TRUTH exists period. It has always existed because it is the foundation of wider creation but we have been placed within a dimensional pocket that we have been conditioned to accept is other than it is. It matters not what happens at the end of days in TRUTH because the construct we are leaving will cease to exist.  When a house is being demolished the demolition crew do not require to go and clean the house that has just been put to rubble and yet many are under the false belief that we somehow require to resolve everything before exiting the house.

At this time we are asked to step out of the need of the human logical mind to solve and to sit and be still. Not taking action requires effort because the human logical mind is a slave driver, it sends many within humanity to extremes, the never switching off, the constant questioning, the constant looking at information from various angles, all are not required and yet many will continually defend this way of life.

TRUTH IS SIMPLE, that makes its tricky to accept because we have been conditioned for ever to look for complex, indeed the more complex as subject appears the more will interact with it, going into a sort of mind work out believing that the work out somehow strengthens them and protects them.  A strong mind results in a weak heart, lucifer does not require a strong heart with which to work he requires a strong mind where he can further re enforce the cage.

We can know all there is to know about a subject but be totally ignorant of the experience, like someone who reads all there is to know about skiing but has never taken to the slopes does not have the experience of skiing.  We are being conditioned to live in a virtual prison believing that we can escape as long as we have the map.  There is no map because there is no prison unless we are helped to create it.

We require to be still and to be at peace as the old earth construct now comes to pieces, many will interact with the falling pieces believing that the pieces can be put together to make a solution, therein lies the illusion. It doesnt matter, it will cease to exist, we will then not remember it at all because we do not require to. IT IS THIS SIMPLE.

The outpouring of fury as the illusion collapses will increase and we must resist the urge to interact because then we become blinded. To those who have increased their prison the third eye is the invisible jailor because it allows for darkness to blind at not only a physical everyday waking level but at a spiritual level. The mind has manifest itself into an entity.  It reaps from the nightmares of humanity and it walks within humanity.  In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed are king is a well known human phrase.

In order to blind the third eye and to walk out the illusion we must move our focus to our heart space and allow the heart to reveal TRUTH.  We do not require human eye sight, it keeps us trying to solve that which was never required to be solved because it is the result of a fallen angel throwing its toys out the pram.  It makes no sense because it was never meant to.

The rantings of a child are best ignored as every parent knows, to give into a toddler tantrum is to extend the behavior.  We are asked now to expand and to grow into adulthood and to embrace the heart of TRUTH which can only ever be found in our heart space itself. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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