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Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

For many at this time the idea that this year has been anything but a total mess is insane. Many people are treating this akin to a non year, trying to get thru it as quickly as possible believing that somehow there is somewhere beyond the year that is better. The human act of comparison is a conditioned response that many are defaulting to at this time. We cannot compare anything to anything because in doing so we have to step into assumption and that is a dangerous thing to do.

The world is not black and white, life is not black and white but the AI that is attempting to exert total control over humanity at this time demands black and white. The human logical mind works to polarize the human life experience in ways that support the AI fully so we must be very careful that we do not fall between the cracks in the pavement. It is non TRUTH for example to separate those who follow the guidelines and those who do not for in doing so we miss the picture that is actually there.

Taking sides is also a form of conditioning that comes from the polarization of the human logical mind. As we work to dissolve the barriers that are in place within us we can FLOW more easily, in a world that has almost solidified thru the fear frequency we must become LIKE WATER AND FLOW. This means that we cannot have dams built up inside of us because it will work against us. As we work deep within our heart space we will find the dam walls and they will begin to dissolve, thus allowing us to be more fluid but in no danger of emotionally drowning. The distinction is important, for we can all feel the emotional pressure build up but how many understand that this is because of the dam walls built internally.

At this time we are asked to become like the water we are in TRUTH, to allow SOURCE to connect thru Christ to have us melt, many are trying to remain solid and build walls thinking that a wall is a strength. Water is stronger than any wall because it is fluid, it may take some time to dissolve an erode the wall but the wall faced with water will never last. So we become fluid and we begin to flow, we become the very flood that this dimensional space requires in order to be cleansed and cleared of the lower frequencies that it holds.

Humanity are going thru the enforcement of conditioning that seeks to prove that being human is a vulnerability and a weakness. The AI does not understand emotion and vulnerability because it is non human. Therefore it sees humanity as something to be solved, taking out the weakness solves the problem for the AI. In order to move in ways that the AI cannot interpret and block it is necessary to embrace being human, this means embracing the softness and emotions that make us human. Being emotional is not a weakness, it is a strength, to LOVE in TRUTH is not a weakness, it is a strength, that which binds humanity together to make them strong is LOVE in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to see the blessing that this year has become in TRUTH, stripped of all that humanity believe is the human life experience exposes that which is at the heart of humanity. If this reflects back to you as a loss then work to dissolve it, this is only ever done by pouring LOVE in TRUTH thru everything. LOVE cannot be defined, that is its power, it is something humanity are actively trying to side step believing it will break them, in order to avoid the smashing force of the hammer above their heads they require to become pliable, the strength of a tree in a storm is not how solidly it stands, but in how it bends to accommodate the storm, it then bends and does not snap and break.



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