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TIME "STREAMS" and the LIE that is DEATH

As we approach the WATER of LIFE in TRUTH WE ARE asked to surrender the conditioning that sees us react to the one event that humanity attempt to avoid and yet will experience , that of "death". Like all that is present and manifest in the Old Earth Matrix there is a spin on everything. (Wonder why the earth "spins" in the illusion of it being a planet?).

The TIME "STREAMS" are overseen by darkness and are where the souls energy IMPRINT is fractured. This sees a breaking down of the the human life experience and dismantling of it. We are conditioned to accept this as "death". In the TIME "STREAMS" the "data" that is the imprint of the human soul flows. This is non TRUTH and is part of the reincarnation illusion that many within humanity accept because it "makes sense".

The human logical mind will run with logic and reason like a small child chasing a balloon on a string. It is this illusion which must be walked to and the VEIL removed by Wider Creation in TRUTH that is the strongest and which many will simply fall to over and over again.

The Old Earth Matrix relies on this illusion to provide the GRIEF matrix which allows for the breaking down of the data imprint, without it the Old Earth Matrix would not be able to function as it does. It is not a school from which we learn anything, it is a factory of fear, of separation, horrific and against Wider Creation in TRUTH. This is why we must remove the SOUL and its BINDINGS to the Old Earth Matrix in the process of anchoring our SPIRIT in TRUTH. It is our SPIRIT that is eternal, the SOUL is FINITE, it is locked into the Old Earth Matrix and it feeds the streams of grief that are called timelines.

This part of the process is challenging which is why WE ARE asked to moved fully into our deepest heart space and to reside there. Moving into the human logical mind and moving towards consciousness IGNITES THE ILLUSION FULLY and is fully opposed by Wider Creation in TRUTH.

WE now take our stand in TRUTH, with TRUTH for WE ARE TRUTH



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