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Tipping the SCALES in TRUTH

We must always remember that albeit we are incarnated into a human physical vehicle we can REMEMBER more than said human physical form will permit us to. The war that rages around the human physical vehicle is for control of said vehicle. Many are looking to their humanity alone and this is non TRUTH. Especially for the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH who came here to evolve thru said human physical form.

This dimensional space is a dense one, it has a very dense frequency bandwidth that many have sought to move thru over the decades that this process has been brought to the attention of this version of humanity. We must remember that the timelines that dissolved did so because they were non TRUTH and had to because we cannot step into a carnival and remain there. So the work that many have done over the last few decades is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the very dense dimensional space that we exist within in this human physical vehicle.

Always we seek balance and we are NOT balancing with this dimensional space nor are we balancing with any variation of it (this includes the infamous 5D which is a hologram of the Old Earth Matrix), we are balancing with our ORIGIN which is Wider Creation in TRUTH. For this to occur we have to balance our Spirit in TRUTH with its housing which is the human physical vehicle itself. So phase 3 is paying attention to the ANKHORS that were put in place thru ALL versions of this dimensional space.

The human logical mind is adept at stepping out of this and attempting to show only that which will keep the human physical vehicle within the dimensional frequency bandwidths that contain HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. Never has a frequency been so insidious as human consciousness, it takes is host on many and varied journeys and then fools said host into accepting that they exist but they cannot fully make it physical because of "fill in blanks".

Many have fallen for this false teaching and have sought to defend it. TRUTH needs no defense. Wider Creation in TRUTH has no dimensions because it JUST IS. This is not accepted by the human logical mind which looks always for the container it requires in order to expand into. This is akin to pouring a body of water into a different dish and believing that because the dish is somehow deeper than the previous one there is more water. It is an OPTICAL ILLUSION.

At this time we are asked to understand that WE KNOW, we simply have to remember and remembering DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THE MIND, it begins in the deep heart space and then floods outwards. We are not therefore absorbing frequency we are dissolving all that stands between us and TRUTH in order to physically reach TRUTH. It matters not that somehow 7 billion people agree or not agree, TRUTH does not need the permission of anything nor anyone to BE for it JUST IS.

As the dissolving continues we are asked to go within and to re connect with ORIGIN which is where we came from. It lies beyond the human physical vehicle and is connected to thru the portal that is the human heart space. Galactic Protocol demands that we connect thru Christ because He physically came and moved beyond this dimensional space, it is this event that has created the boundaries that were put in place AFTER HE DID THIS to attempt to prevent anyone else finding the frequency to evolve past this dimensional space.

WE ARE here to not only walk this path but to widen it in order that this race can now understand the lie that is the human life experience and in doing so evolve past the lower dimensional frequencies that sees them experience the trauma, the pain and separation from Wider Creation in TRUTH and have them accept that is is somehow a human life experience and there is nothing else. Never has a race been so traumatized and harvested as humanity. WE now stand as testament in a war that has already been won and which will never be fought again as TRUTH holds firm and dissolves in order for the LIGHT to walk, for this LIGHT is the one that appears at the end of the tunnel which humanity are conditioned to believe is all that there is . Beyond that tunnel is FREEDOM, is TRUTH and is Wider Creation in TRUTH in the physical.



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