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Trading Timelines vs dissolving in TRUTH

We live in a world that is anything but solid. It is created thru the overlays of frequencies that give the very deep illusion that there is a solid form of anything around us. The human logical mind plays into this by creating a narrative using human language that seeks to embed this illusion deep into the logical mind.

As many are now aware changing frequency allows that which is experienced thru the human physical form to change. But it is not as many assume just changing the "mind set" or even altering frequency, for in order to experience a shift permanently the root frequency that is creating and holding the illusion has to be dissolved fully. Many are simply trading timelines which creates a sort of internal choice that begins to blind them.

Much like waking up in the morning and opening the closet and deciding which outfit to wear, many are using these traded timelines to play about with reality. THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF IDENTIFYING TIMELINES. We are given the gift of seeing the timelines in order that we REMOVE THE VEIL that the timeline creates by its very frequency.

Like children in a sweet shop many are simply enamored , even spell bound by the lovely colors and the shapes that these frequency timelines use to disguise themselves. As we dissolve the timelines then we reach TRUTH for TRUTH remains, it doesn't need to use fancy colors or ideas, it just stands. The multi colored light show is pulling many into a deeper sleep than those who have no idea about timelines are within.

This was always to be a concern for the children of ORION who have incarnated into a human form in order to walk within a race that is almost broken. The human physical form is very delicate in respect of that which it can handle due to the poisoning of the DNA/RNA by those who hold this race in chains. It is therefore vital that we do not get pulled in by the lovely lights and continue to work to dissolve that which is non TRUTH.

Without a firm footing IN TRUTH we will simply get swept along by the millions who have turned into little children, all looking at the lovely lights, not realizing said "lovely lights" are the headlamps of the vehicles that are about to mow them down.



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