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Transformation of lower dimensional energies in TRUTH

We are each given a opportunity to move beyond all, any and every boundary which is held in place by a formed human belief.  At this time the energies are intensifying and that which we hold internally, the place where we are blind to and which holds the hidden fears of this human life experience is being reflected back to us in order that we can take out the ROOT internally. No amount of attempting to alter the outer waking life experience will result in permanent change. The outer waking reality simply manifests to a variation of a theme and our human logical mind then interprets this as "change".

Living a new way does not involve a "change" within a theme, it is about stepping out of the reality altogether which the human logical mind rejects completely.  It is vital at this time for us to understand that our heart space is that which is our navigation.  At any one moment during this intense cleansing we will be faced with what manifests as a choice of "heart" or "mind", the illusion is that we require to choose for only the heart knows TRUTH.  If we are fully IN our hearts and surrendered fully to our Creator YHWY through our heart then we are safe and protected.

For many at this time there is a myriad of confusion and frustration, the choice we are being asked to make is remain still within our heart space. To AVOID the compulsion to react and make any change as this is how the illusion works.  When information is placed before us our human logical mind goes into overdrive and uses the false reference points that we are conditioned to accept and we then take physical action. It is at the POINT OF TAKING THE ACTION that the manipulation occurs.  Often we will feel under immense pressure to "act" because humanity have been conditioned to react to everything.  NON ACTION IS ACTION.

As the outer waking reality begins to shift in response to the INTERNAL cleansing that we surrender to then it becomes clearer but much like shaking a glass of water which has sediment which has settled at the bottom of the glass the water will become muddy. This is the point of cleansing and during cleansing we must remain still and in our heart space.

There will be those around us who attempt to place pressure on us to make movement but this is born out of the conditioning that ALL humanity are subject to.  We live in a reality where action is heralded as "doing" and yet is the opposite. Often taken action simply is delaying something, it is like driving down the highway and suddenly pulling off to a gas station. The gas station is NOT ON THE HIGHWAY, it is a pause, it is the detour that Lucifer uses persuading us that we must take the detour.

We never require to take resistant action to anything because TRUTH JUST IS, that which is preventing us from reaching it is the resistance that is within us and which is hidden and works against us.  Nothing happens to us, it is manifest from within us.  Any separation, fear and trauma is already within us, it is this that requires cleansing and it always internal.  Much like you would not run your hands through the muddy water that is cleansed from the glass that is being rinsed we are not asked to step into that which pours from us.  It will pass because it is being WASHED CLEAN, we do no service to ourselves by attempting to hold on to it.

It is only through actual physical experience of this that we can reach understanding of this and our challenge is to take the opposite action to that which we are conditioned to default to. To sit in silence within the heart space, to ignore the pressure of those around us and to move back into our heart space,  forgiving of ourselves and allowing the release of the poison that is internal. Our heart will grow stronger but we must allow the cleansing, we are apt to fight against ourselves.

At this time many will feel washed out, will feel devoid of energy and feel at times intensely emotional, this is part of the cleansing. WE DO NOT REQUIRE TO VALIDATE OUR EMOTION and we do not require to come up with a valid reason for our tears. Allowing the tears to flow, accepting that we have held on to anger but then allowing it to release through forgiveness is the key to the continued flow of cleansing.

We will feel that we are walking in places we do not recognize which triggers the human logical mind but we must step out of the mind and find peace within the heart space.  This is done through self care, by sleeping when the body asks for sleep, by eating nourishing foods and by being kind to ourselves.   This process will expand dramatically as we move through it. IT IS A PROCESS it is not a destination, and it is vital that we allow the process to complete. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER THE QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan To access one to one support please click here.

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