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For many years I was the channel who shared the information from the High Council of Orion thru my social media, websites etc. For many who follow my work it may have seemed like the messages stopped and that somehow ORION stood back. Nothing could be further from TRUTH, it is pertinent when we are in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH that we abide by the protocols of said Wider Creation in TRUTH, to share messages just for the sake of sharing is not TRUTH.

The High Council of ORION first appeared to me during a meditation session in 2008 whilst I was with Kathleen Murray and her skulls. It was a remembrance that burst into life, they stepped forward and asked me to remember and then my life began to take on a new direction. Up until this moment I thought that I was there with Kathleen to learn some crystal healing. It became evident over the next couple of years that Wider Creation in TRUTH had a different plan for me and I began to meet people from all over the world. It became obvious that the people that i was meeting were also part of the bigger picture in TRUTH.

Now the High Council of Orion have once more asked me to share their direct messages with humanity. The ORION TRANSMISSIONS are to help us navigate the next phase of human evolution and the transmissions are hosted on the main ORION PORTAL website. The link from above this blog will take you directly to the transmissions. We ask that if you choose to share these transmissions that you keep the transmission fully intact and that you reference both myself and the ORION Portal website.

I have never stopped working with the High Council of Orion but i have adhered to their directive in relation to sharing. Now we are blessed once more with their words. Humanity have been lied to since their very inception, kept separate and conditioned to reject all notion that they are not alone. There has been evidence from many within humanity that has simply been rejected because it does not suit those who enslave humanity to have humanity connected to something beyond the Old Earth Matrix. For those who have been contacted, for those who have first hand experience of what lies beyond there is no need for acceptance because TRUTH JUST IS.



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