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Transmutation of dark to LIGHT in TRUTH

We are fed a never ending diet of darkness, indeed at this time of year it does not hide, it walks clearly and exposes itself continually and yet we remain in the shadows until we understand that the LIGHT is where we are meant to BE.

For many the walk in the old earth construct/matrix is like fumbling for a light switch, we tend to attempt to blend in and to hide within the illusion of status quo.  When faced with standing out from a crowd many will state they are comfortable but then take that one step back as the LIGHT falls on them.

This is cultured thru the construct of religion that seeks to have humanity believe that they are simply not good enough.  Remain within the construct of religion long enough and you begin to believe the lies that are sold are truths.  Christ did not walk this earth pointing His finger at joe public and calling them out. He came to reveal LOVE in TRUTH and in doing so He sat with those that the mainstream shunned.   If He walked this earth right at this moment He would be sitting not with the politicians, not with the religious leaders or those who deem themselves above everything but with those who need Him. He would be holding support groups for the teenagers who now live in a world so distorted they do not even know who they are anymore.  He would be sitting next to the alcoholic about to take that next drink and ask them if it is a good idea, is there not another way.

Yet the construct of religion seeks to dismiss this and to use Him to whip their followers as they try to turn themselves outside in trying to reach a pedestal that NO ONE in human form can ever reach.  We are not perfect, we all make mistakes which is why the act of forgiveness is a KEY.  To forgive another person is not to say that it is okay walk all over me, it is saying that they made a mistake and that this mistake is not gonna be the whip that whips EVERYONE involved.

At this time within humanity there is a backlash against humanity.  Separation is being revealed in breathtaking ways.  We are not here to judge our fellow human beings, being in judgement of someone does not make you better than the person you are judging, it keeps you trapped in a picture that simply holds everyone in place.  At this time the devil is doing his rounds, bringing up past experience, igniting grievances that many will have believed have been "left in the past". He does this to help with the rebellion that is gaining in momentum and designed to take as many human souls into the next phase of prophesy as possible.

The construct of religion seeks to destroy the hope that humanity are born with. Many turn from the Word of YHWY because they are so sick of the hypocrisy that is shown by said construct.  Human beings who hide who they are, use scripture to wrap themselves in a sort of false light that seeks to have them hide and their actions remain anonymous.  What is not understood by these people is that our Creator YHWY sees it all. ALL are playing a part in prophesy whether they realize it or not.

Don't believe in God, no problem, you don't have to, you are here in human form, part of a human population that is playing out that which is prophesied.  Don't accept Christ, no problem, you are here in human form, part of the population that is playing out that which is prophesied.  ALL are involved whether they accept or deny, TRUTH JUST IS.

When we pass from physical human form back into spirit and stand before our Creator YHWY there is no line that defines the BELIEF SYSTEM that we followed, shunned, accepted or denied. We stand in TRUTH as WE ARE.   No one gets a ticket to bypass judgment, indeed those who proclaim this will probably be ushered in quicker than those who don't.

We are not here in our human physical form to separate ourselves from those around us, using words from a book that has been altered to resemble nothing but that which a construct needs it to resemble. We are here to be human, to accept that we are vulnerable, to look out for one another, to understand that the assault on humanity is from within humanity.  That darkness is part of the human condition until is is taken to the LIGHT of TRUTH then transmuted.

We do not have to change the entire world, that is not the purpose of this human physical form, we can change ourselves. We can be kinder, we can be supportive, we can be forgiving, we can choose not to hate, we can choose LOVE in TRUTH each and every time and in doing this we change everything.  The old earth construct/matrix is like a giant mirror and it will hone in on that which is darkest, that is its purpose.  In order to change that darkness to LIGHT we start with that which is within.

A heart that has endured pain, suffering, trauma and separation can turn either way, it can remain soft and become healed or it can harden and remain solid.  LOVE in TRUTH is like a river that flows, in order for the river to flow smoothly it will take the path of least resistance.  We can either walk around with a huge boulder in the middle of our chest or we can allow the river to flow thru the soft river bed, bringing healing as it flows and thru us flow out into those around us. The choice is always ours. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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