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Traversing the dimensions, collapsing the echoes

Updated: May 19

For many who have been working with dimensional spaces the events of the past few linear weeks will have seen a massive ripple begin to develop. The tsunami of change that is now to ensue will blow the minds of many within humanity as that which was separated now UNIFIES.

The idea that there are separate dimensions and timelines is not new, it has been bandied about for a very long time and many are able to move between them and do the work. But what happens when ALL dimensional timelines collapse leaving just one?

This is denied by many who maintain that reality will simply collapse and the world will end. Whilst the matrix itself which has destabilised rapidly over the last few linear years will collapse the world as such will continue. Why? because it is generated thru the human physical vehicle. WE exist because WE ARE.

A space without division is a space where evolution can begin to sprout and the seeds that have been planted already can begin to grow. We are fed an illusion of a world ending repeatedly because those who hijacked this race know that their time is limited. Humanity will begin to evolve and the unfolding will be very rapid indeed, it has already started.

There are frequencies that now no longer hold in this dimensional space, for a frequency to hold it will have a physical presence, when the frequency drops to a lower level the physical is then released and the frequency loses its ability to reach the physical plane. We are seeing this at this time. The rise in deaths from the covid pandemic is part of this with the frequency altered to such a level that maintaining a presence on the physical plane is simply not possible so that frequency dissipates.

We will now see this en masse as those who were resonant with a KEY frequency are now removed. Those who have reached the higher frequency bandwidths will now stabilise and as they do so they will enter the physical plane. Angelic frequencies that were stopped from entering the physical plane due the density of this dimensional space will now enter.

ALL is energy and energy will attempt to balance and stabilize at all moments of all moments. Too low a frequency and the higher frequencies are locked out, remove the lower frequencies and the higher ones then come in. For those who have ever run workshops or attended training events this plays out all the time. How often do people sign up for a workshop or a course, then more and suddenly at the last minute someone cancels but then someone else changes their mind and now can make it. FREQUENCY is at play, if the frequencies are not all within a certain bandwidth then the physical simply cannot happen.

WE ARE about to witness a mass event and this event will leave many within humanity simply shaking their heads. If you think the last linear couple of years have been insane, then "you ain't seen nothing yet" as the phrase goes.


Karen x

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