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The latest HEAVENs Blog and AA Gabriel message is now available thru HEAVEN's gifts on the main TRUTH Codes website.

We are gifted from HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that we can hone our connection to Wider Creation in TRUTH. Always in this our human physical form we are being blinded, whether thru the optical illusion that tries to teach us that this "world" is solid and cannot be changed to the belief systems that blind us to that which is standing right in front of us.

Having worked with crystals, color, sound and vibration and for many linear years channeled the energies that are denied by this dimensional space, we have created a subscription service via the main website for those who wish to validate who they are in TRUTH.

Information shared within this channel is not readily accepted by mainstream humanity so it presented in a format that is easily accessible whilst offering a choice. We each interact with energy is slightly different ways but the main goal is the same, to remove the blind fold and SEE TRUTH.

To find out more please visit the main TRUTH Codes website HERE.



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