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As we move closer to the next wave that is now unfolding across and within humanity there is a requirement for us to step off the merry go round that seems so enticing. There is no requirement to wake up humanity for they have reached their awake point and this is completion of that which has been revealed within humanity.

TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion was originally channeled thru Karen in 2012 and has been a foundation for the work that Karen has brought thru into humanity. For many years Karen has been given the experience of the constructs that hold humanity in place in order that she can understand the depth and the breadth of that which humanity are faced with at an everyday waking life experience level.

Now that she has completed that which was set before her she now returns once more to the foundation revealed thru the High Council of Orion and has been guided to created the TRUTH Codes website. This is an extension of the main Releasing Eden website and is created to assist those who now are called to BACE Camp.

Channeled information from both the Skull Collective and the High Council of Orion themselves will appear on this website alongside other supportive information and revelations that allow for the residue of the Old Earth Matrix to be dissolved prior to the approach to the BRIDGE.

For further information around this please listen to theBRIDGE podcasts where Karen outlines that which is now presented to the 144,000 at this time.

TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from Orion is available from the main Releasing Eden website.


"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE" - High Council of Orion thru Karen Doonan

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