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TRUTH comes only in one color, lies come in all the colors of the rainbow

We live in a reality that is a reflection of that which is within the energy of the human physical vehicles that live on the physical plane of existence.  Without a seed and a watering there can be no manifestation.  Nothing happens to us, it is happening within us and it is then manifest through our interaction with it.  We interact with frequency at all levels of creation but we have been conditioned to focus primarily on our physical interaction.  To look at a tree and see the tree only, not the frequency that manifests the tree in front of us.  So solid have we permitted the illusion to be woven around us that denial is that which is holding much in place at this time.

Faced with logic or TRUTH many will opt for logic because it is how we have been conditioned to react.  Logical choices when chosen repeatedly begin the downward spiral of frequency.  It locks in the reality that is able to be experienced through the refusal to allow any other frequency to enter and as frequency either repels or attracts frequency there is a solidity that begins to manifest.  We can see this with the outer waking reality reflection, those who have similar incomes, similar interests will remain in the same social pools. They do not remain in the same pool because of the interests or the similar income but the frequency that they are.  This remains hidden in plain view to most of humanity.  Like wise those who come from lower income sections of humanity will tend to remain within the same frequency level, rejecting anything and everything that would see them step out of the frequency because the DEPTH of frequency around them keeps them in situ. It is not economics, it is not belief, it is not job opportunities, it is frequency.

The movement of large swathes of different frequency that is currently being moved around the dimensional space that we accept is the world at this time is deliberate. Economies do not collapse because people are flooding in from "poorer" countries, it collapses because the frequency has been disrupted and the level of frequency that is flooding in is altering it.   This frequency disruption is deliberate, we are fulfilling prophecy at this time and this has already been forewarned but because we are being repeatedly conditioned to focus on the labels and the differences we fail to see TRUTH.

At this time the frequency levels across this dimensional space are breaking down, wider creation in TRUTH is the highest frequency that exists.  This will see more breaking down and more logic and reasoning will be put forward but there will come a point where the breaking down of that which was in place is so profound that there is no logic and certainly no reason behind it. This shows TRUTH because TRUTH is one color because it resonates at one tone, one frequency and within one bandwidth. All else are like the rainbow after the rain, depending on the breadth and depth of the frequency depends on the color that is seen.  Red is a shorter wavelength, deeper frequency so is seen where it is in the spectrum.  We go through this the colors, each with a longer frequency untiil we reach indigo , the lightest of the frequencies with the longest bandwidth. ALL IS FREQUENCY.

We have been sold a deep illusion, now this illusion begins to dissolve and we must allow TRUTH to fully reveal itself. We are in a process and the process will be interrupted frequently by those who seek to rationalize that which is beyond the human logical mind.  At this time our anchor is TRUTH, it is the anchor that prevents us being washed away by the tides of change for a race that has been held in non evolution and has been kept in stasis is undergoing millenia of change in a relatively short time period. Its like watching one of those documentaries that show time lapse photography, except this not a time lapse, it is the opposite, where there has been stasis and stagnation there now comes a cleansing flood.

So conditioned are we to to expect "same" and "routine" that many will simply not be able to cope with the intensity of that which is now unfolding.  To understand how locked in to frequency many are,  try altering your own routine, how often do you wake up, get up and are half way through a cup of coffee before you become even conscious of what you are doing? Rote and routine are the foundation of the old earth, it is the cement that seeks to present itself as solid and real, it is anything but. For those who place their anchor in such things this will now see many swept away.

We are not here to live bound to frequency and denied movement and growth, this is against the laws of wider creation in TRUTH. We are now given the opportunity to make vast movement and to blow ALL the cobwebs away not just lightly dust the housing.

LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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