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TRUTH is singular, deceit is a web

There are a variety of human phrases that seek to hide that which humanity interact with on a daily basis.  The human phrase "my truth" is often bandied about and used as a defense mechanism when a blind spot is reached.  We are spirit incarnate into a human vehicle and just as with a motor vehicle there are various blind spots where we simply cannot see that which is there in front of us.   It is within these blind spots that darkness manipulates us and we each have different blind spots. For some it will be work, for others finance, for others again it will personal relationships. There is always one DOMINANT blind spot that seeks to protect a deep foundational binding and in doing so has us deny that we are having the manifested experience said binding is forcing at a physical waking everyday level.

TRUTH is singular, we do not have "my" and "your" this is more separation and division. Where we find ourselves stating or believing we have " a truth" we simply have a binding that has hidden itself in our blind spot in order that we remain bound and out of alignment with TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS. It makes no difference whether we deny, ignore or refute TRUTH it stands strong and we are heavily conditioned in our foundational years to rely on those around us to navigate the old earth construct/matrix.

There are family blind spots where we will find family patterning which ripples out throughout the generations, this covers many different aspects of the human life experience, where we find hereditary disease patterns we find a binding that remains within the blind spot of those incarnate into the family blood line.  The list of these manifestations is varied and many are overwhelmed when they approach a binding for the binding seeks to display the variations as a way of showing its "strength".  An oak tree may well have many branches but in order to cut down the tree we do not start lopping off every branch, we simply destroy the root and the tree dies. It is the same with bindings.

At this time those within the clearing and cleansing process and who are surrendered IN Christ are being given glimpses of that which hides within their respective blind spots. The glimpses are a protection because we do not require to see the entire entity, we require to acknowledge the root and then allow Christ to sever the root preventing further manifestation of the binding and in doing so also begin the healing process that REPAIRS and RESTORES that which the binding has prevented and distorted.

We are now moving into balance at a physical waking level as our spirit begins to expand within our human vehicle, cleansing and clearing as it does so and expanding and deepening this our human life experience in TRUTH.

We are asked to remain surrendered IN Christ and to know that LOVE in TRUTH is the frequency that pushes through our entire existence, dissolving and destroying the mis formed and mis shaped areas of our human life experience as it does so. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER , no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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