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Tuning in to the deep heart

As we work to attune ourselves to the new higher frequencies we must always be mindful of the need to allow the process to unfold. There are many who would wish to increase their frequency because it seems the "right " thing to do but increasing our frequency can only ever happen when we dissolve the frequency that is preventing expansion.

The key to this work is ALWAYS within the deep heart space. Meditation practices to work to retune should take the person meditating into the HEART and not some abstract "non place", that would serve no one and simply fools the mind into thinking that silence and peace have been achieved. Both Silence and Peace as very nurturing frequencies that are found deep at the center of our heart space.

Our inner sanctum is guarded and it is guarded in ways that we are blind to hence we work with the Crystal Kingdom and the Archangelic Kingdom to gain entry and then begin our adventure into the deep heart space. Like breathing, which if I were to go into detail many would be like "omg thats so complicated, no thanks" it is a process which is NATURAL, we simply have to retune to the process itself.

The outer waking reality has sought to teach us who we are not and to live in ways that are toxic to our peace, our harmony and our ability to reach beyond the physical realm that our human physical vehicle exists within. We are not learning how to interact with Crystals or Archangels, we are REMEMBERING and there is a huge difference because our heart already knows, like muscle memory. Imagine you have not driven a car in a while and you get into the drivers seat and feel nervous. As soon as you start the engine and relax and do not engage the human logical mind you will find your body remembers how to drive and its a case of allowing the memory to come back to you. So it is with working deep in the heart space.



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