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Turning the Corner, gaining perspective

Often when we are moving speedily along we can forget the process involved to reach where we are. This is part of the human condition which dictates that we only focus on that which PERCEIVES movement in the outer waking world. This sees us believe that movement is visual when in TRUTH movement JUST IS.

For many of you this has been a period of intense frustration and a going round in circles as you have continually sped up instead of slowing down. The doorway that we are looking for is actually a corner that is disguised, so unless we slow down during this phase of the process we will simply circle back around again. The way out is AROUND THE CORNER.

So how do you slow down and keep faith when it looks for all the world like the road just loops back on itself? well we must be still and TRUST Christ at these times, that is not slipping into religion, nor is it slipping into the "old ways" of navigation, these were left behind some linear years ago. It is NOT about manifestation because that is simply an interpretation from the various levels that we have walked thru. In TRUTH manifestation is a stream along which we swim, it is not something that we have to actively "turn on" or indeed "take part in".

Flowers do not have to manifest the sun to open their petals in the morning, the grass does not require to manifest rain to grow, it all manifests NATURALLY and I cannot underline this word enough. Humanity are out of sync with nature at all levels. From the clocks that tell time that is out of sync with the calendar which is out of sync with seasons and now technology that is taking the focus to the AI and not to nature. We must let GO in order to resync and to our human logical mind it may appear that we are doing the actual opposite.

This is a time of vast change, of shifting but in order to access the power of this we must be in the NOW moment and allow everything to adjust as we adjust. We would not try to step out of a moving vehicle in order to rearrange the flowers on the side of the road, nor would we try to turn the vehicle off the road without a bend in the road, KEEP GOING!


Karen x

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