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TYING off the timelines in order to move fully into TRUTH

WE have existed in many dimensional spaces at once, many are able to accept and understand the nature of different timelines and different lifetimes that have been lived in this our human form. These timelines are NON TRUTH, they are the fracturing of the human soul by those who seek to keep humanity in their infancy and they require to be TIED OFF in order that we can now move in TRUTH to TRUTH living TRUTH.

There are many and varied false teachings that seek to have humanity accept the notion of past lives which are indeed lives, they all happen simultaneously and can be accessed thru the heart space at any moment of any moment but there comes a point where the fracture point is FOUND. This is called the NEXUS POINT and is the point at which the soul that resided in our human physical vehicle before our SPIRIT in TRUTH took over fractured.

Within the fracture is the shattering of wholeness. It is this NEXUS point that is patrolled and protected by darkness because once accessed it can clear multiple timelines at once and it can restructure the human life experience. As each shard is identified and handed to CHRIST in TRUTH then we begin to experience a deep and eternal healing process. This takes us out of the grief, the trauma and the patterning that has kept us in lower dimensional frequencies.

Once accessed this NEXUS POINT must be tied off thru HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that it is never accessed or activated by darkness at any level. This allows for a release that is staggering. The reshaping of the human life experience happens and the path that we are on illuminates clearly.

At this time we are asked to stand at the NEXUS POINT and activate the deep connection that we have to CREATOR thru CHRIST, it is in the GRACE of CREATOR thru CHRIST that we are moved into and BEYOND the NEXUS point and who we are, why we are and why we have experienced what we have becomes very clear. This deep healing allows for release to new levels and allows us to take our place WITH HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that the next phase of the full evolution of humanity can then be moved into in TRUTH.



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