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Uncovering Chaos, releasing the chains in TRUTH

When we allow ourselves to go deep into our heart space and leave the roar of the outer waking life experience even for a short period we find that which is lost when we merely look out onto the world with our human eyes. The illusion that is presented to humanity is a deep one, for not only have we allowed the prison walls to strengthen inside of ourselves but we also decorated the internal prison. State the word "prison" and the reference point of a bare cell is generated, but what if the prison that you are currently in has beautiful wall paper, luxurious fabrics and you are not alone in said cell? What if you share this cell with other family members who take great care to protect the cell against any destruction? that is a different scenario and one that is used repeatedly.

We look for the bleak, the tired, the run down when we look internally for those parts of us that we know require to heal but we cannot find them because we are using reference points that PROTECT THEM AGAINST HEALING.

At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process we are being shown that which has remained hidden in plain view and that which is now required to be surrendered. For there is a vast picture that we simply cannot accept whilst we hold on tight to that which we fully believe remains inside of us. We would not allow a single grain of sediment to remain in a glass that is being cleansed and cleared and rinsed out and yet we permit these silent grains of the old because they are so familiar we simply do not see them with the naked human eyes.

We are now approaching the day that "families" get together and that which holds this all together is not the "love" that is portrayed in the elusive festive adverts, its the familiar emotional landscape that we share. For many the festive season is a time of deep pain and angst yet because it is familiar it is walked over repeatedly. We are conditioned heavily within the Old Earth Matrix to keep the wounds open, to keep poking at them "lest we forget". How does continually remembering the pain of loss help anyone? well the answer is that it doesn't however we in this human form become creatures of habit and any emotion once it has been anchored fully enough becomes a familiar and we embrace familiar because we believe it gives us a sense of security.

For many at this time the familiar pain is their comfort blanket, it is their security, for they believe that holding tightly on to this will prevent any further emotional pain from getting thru, so they blank out the world around them, using the security blanket to keep everyone out because the pain defends itself. It begins to take on a life of its own.

When we are faced with altering behavior, mind set and emotional response we will find those who use the same security blanket go into full defensive mode and begin to attack. Many within the expansion in TRUTH process will find this at this time. It may be a shock to the system to undergo such an emotional attack but the attack and the resentment was always there, it just required to be revealed in TRUTH to show that which requires to heal. Frequency resonates with frequency and it is frequency alone that will manifest into the physical.

If at this time you are feeling under attack, you are feeling emotionally compromised then you are under a security blanket that is preventing the expansion of your frequency and that which requires to be surrendered is the blanket. We cannot move into evolution and expansion behaving like children yet to behave as a child is supported and championed within the Old Earth Matrix. We are asked to grow and mature and to allow healing to begin, for in the healing is the seed of the new and without the watering of the seed with LOVE in TRUTH it remains trapped in the darkness, like a seed prevented from reaching beyond the confines of the earth it was planted within. Every plant strives to reach beyond the earth and to grow up thru the earth, to feel the sun and to embrace the life force it needs.

At this time we are being prepared for germination. It is time to break thru the shell of the old and to head for the sun above, it is a natural process but it cannot begin in TRUTH when the shell of the old is kept intact. We break the shell from the inside out and we are given all the tools that we require in order to achieve this. Growth from this moment of breaking thru is accelerated as we grow thru the dark into the LIGHT OF TRUTH.



(c) Karen Doonan

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