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Under the sky, over the moon

WE ARE asked at this time to understand the vastness of the human life experience and in doing so view that which is attempting to reduce it. For many at this time the absolute chaos that is the outer waking life experience is a constant and yet beyond this lies something so immense that often we will be challenged to just stand in the energy and allow it all to unfold.

For those who have followed the work of TRUTH Codes for the past linear years you will understand the transformations that have occurred, the steps that have been walked thru and the expansion reached not only individually but collectively. This is now to expand even further and as we approach this we are asked to breathe and allow the veils to be lifted.

Universal energy is beyond anything that we have ever experienced in this our human physical form and this is now downloading and ANCHORING within us in order that we are lifted UP and OVER the chaos. This will now appear in our waking lives as doorways that are now opening where before it just appeared as part of a wall.

Working deep within the heart space we open to new experiences, new adventures and a sense of wonder that we probably last experienced as little children. The work of TRUTH Codes continues and we are very excited by the expansion process itself. Further podcasts and expansion will be shared in due course.

At this time we are asked to CEMENT our progress, this is done thru the opening of the heart space and ACCEPTANCE of who we are in TRUTH. This will be repeated over and over until we understand the message that the ANGEL standing before you has come to deliver. The Angel is in service to Creator and as such will not stand back until the full message is delivered. For those who require help and assistance with this the service of ANGEL MESSAGES is available and can be used as a further meditation to go beyond the blindfolds that are now being removed.

For those who wish to take advantage of this please contact me directly - and I will invoice separately, the cost of this is $44 which includes details of that which the Angel wishes you to meditate thru at this time.


Karen x

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