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Undergoing the removal of grief in TRUTH

WE ARE often stuck in routines and ritual that we simply cannot see, why? because we are birthed into said routines and ritual. Ancestral lineage is something that is very challenging to register at conscious waking level, we are born into families that reside within towns/cities that are within countries and each layer seeks to have us surrender to it and accept that somehow this is all there is and worse that it is the same the world over. Nothing is farther from TRUTH.

At this time we are going thru an intense period of metamorphosis which will see our deepest belief structures and our deepest anchors challenged. Many will simply attempt to dig in their heels further in the belief that somehow they are being attacked but again nothing is further from TRUTH. In order to work with these energies we must surrender to and IN Christ. Now the surrendering IN Christ is the part that many simply cannot accept, we are not following religion, we are not having Christ on a pedestal for we are warned about having idols, we are surrendering IN Him. That is we allow Him to fully comfort us, knowing that He can see that which we cannot at this time.

Ways to work with this are myriad and there is much more information thru the TRUTH Codes Heavens podcast where I can go into more detail and explanation. To subscribe simply click on the tab SUPPORT and then click to Heavens podcast.

WE ARE at the pivotal point in our journey, we will be opposed by the Archangels if we attempt to move forward carry the anchors that are so heavy. Heaviness is an indication that something is holding us back and that we have to release. If you require a communication from the Archangelic realms please order one from the main Truth Codes site.

We now begin to lay down that which we have carried, that which has weighted us down and prevented us from reaching TRUTH to new levels.


Karen x

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