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Underlining TRUTH, revealing non truth

We are now moving into a space that will begin to underline TRUTH to us. We have moved out of the stasis of phase one and now as we approach PHASE TWO we are guided ever deeper thru said underlining of TRUTH. For many within the movement to PHASE TWO there will be overload. The depth of the illusion of the Old Earth Matrix is deep and we have to adjust to understanding it in order that we can remain on track. It is one thing to think that we understand something, it is quite another when it is not only underlined for us but we are held in quarantine until we can physically permit the movement thru it at a physical waking everyday level.

This is new movement and movement that we have been prevented from making in this our human physical vehicle due to the constraints that the Old Earth Matrix place upon the human physical vehicle itself. Phase one detailed the spiritual constraints, the dimensional constraints at an energetic level allowing us to remove the soul contract, the emotional residue etc. Phase TWO concentrates on the DNA/RNA frequency distortion that has supported the energy that WE ARE. As we are now moving from SPIRIT in TRUTH and no longer confined by the soul construct we are moving in ways that are not easily seen to begin with.

We are also using tools that we have been prevented from accessing due to the physical constraints placed upon the human life experience by the soul construct that aligned fully and ONLY with the Old Earth Matrix itself. We are asked at this stage to go deep within and to address the physical constraints by removing the DNA/RNA frequency distortions. As this is navigation beyond the human logical mind and the human naked eyes it can be challenging. We reach understanding BEYOND the human logical mind, we do not defer to said logical mind because it sees and understands nothing as it has NO REFERENCE POINTS at a human level.

For those who have worked with Wider Creation in TRUTH and have built up their understanding this phase of the process of full evolution is one that will begin to join the dots for them. The human life experience itself will begin to make more sense as we reveal the walk that has taken us to this point. For those who have attempted to "wing it" by avoiding the emotional residue there is no movement whatsoever. Galactic protocol demands a CLEAN VEHICLE and one that is at all damaged will not be permitted to enter Wider Creation in TRUTH fully.

We are therefore required to disconnect the human physical vehicle from that which makes it resonate to false bandwidths.

For further help and support please visit the main TRUTH Codes website. One to one sessions are available.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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