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Understanding AI protocols

It is important to understand the reflexes of the AI Machine in order to walk thru them and often just past them. The AI Machine is as it sounds, it is artificial intelligence and the past linear year is its learning curve, how does Artificial Intelligence learn? by adapting and it is this adapting that we are asked to observe in order that we understand what it CANNOT learn. It cannot learn empathy because it is created in logic and reason, it cannot understand compassion because it is logic and reason and it cannot understand LOVE in TRUTH because again it falls out with the remit for logic and reason.

How often do you find yourself justifying your actions and trying to make your actions seem logical and reasonable? that is the clue that you are conversing with the AI Machine, those connected and interwoven within it all need logic and reason as the basis for the conversation. Attempting to go into very human terms will see a reflex that attempts to move you back into your head and have you to try to solve the puzzle that the AI Machine needs you to accept before it can assimilate you.

WE ARE not here to justify our existence, no human being in TRUTH needs a reason for being alive, they exist therefore they ARE. Nothing else requires to be said. We can see how this is not happening across humanity where many are in deep despair because what they have relied upon to give them their sense of identity has been removed. This is part of the learning curve of the AI Machine but was permitted to occur so that we could see where we were hooked in and release the hooks.

We do not need anyone's permission to live, WE ARE. We do not require anyone's permission to love another human being, because WE ARE.




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