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Understanding Archangelic frequency in TRUTH

There are many false teachings that seek to have us "use" Archangels, many womens magazines these days are simply full of the false light. Archangels are powerful BEings created by Creator to assist in many and varied ways and yet the EGO of humanity often has them finding parking spaces or helping dust the house. This insanity is part of the illusion that is presented and which seeks to demean these important BEings.

Traditional religion often seeks to hide these important BEings, it is only in the Apocrypha for example that we get the partial information about Archangels and their importance. It is vital that the book of Enoch is read before the book of Genesis or the book of Genesis takes on a completely different meaning and this is deliberate. Why would darkness seek to demean angels? Well to begin with they have power that darkness simply does not have, sent on the behalf of Creator Archangels continue their work until their purpose is complete. They have a very specific set of parameters that when we surrender thru Christ they can fully bring into the physical plane of existence.

Much like with the principalities that govern this dimensional space we require NO BELIEF in them for them to work, same with Archangels, for some bizarre reason humanity think that they have to believe in something for it to exist! In many cases it is the exact opposite darkness does not want you to believe it exists because then you can be manipulated even further.

Archangels have been sent in various guises to help humanity and they TAKE HUMAN PHYSICAL FORM in order to do this. Now think back to times in your life where you may have interacted with a physically embodied angel, how did you feel? did you feel the power of calm and grace from said angel? does something else now make sense in your life now you can understand that angels take human form?

WE ARE not alone, WE ARE not the only physical presence on this physical plane of existence and in order to deepen our connection to the Archangelic realms we must now understand thru the experience provided. Opening our heart space and surrendering thru Christ to the expansion is simply step one of a process that sees us move out of logic and reason and into the POWER OF TRUTH.


Karen x

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