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Understanding awakening in TRUTH

For many within humanity the awakening process has been sold as a creation that has to be manifest individually but somehow connected collectively. This has led to a circular path being tread by many who by this point in the process are almost at the point of exhaustion.  The polarization of the human logical mind plays fully into the false teachings that seek to teach the seeker that somehow they just have to try hard enough or worse have to somehow wait until a certain percentage of humanity somehow "get it".  This has led to mass frustration and sort of spiritual bullying that occurs when those who have walked these pathways begin to vent their frustration on the wider sleeping world.

It is nonsense to assume that anyone is responsible for our awakening other than ourselves. We are the center of our own universe, granted that this center has been hijacked and manipulated but it still is a center. Our inner self is from where we begin this journey and begin to unravel the knots and the bindings that have us believe a waking reality that is simply illusion connected to further illusion.

The awakening process is now expanding and many who have sat silently watching the mass chaos, the commercialization of that which was once a movement that brought hope to humanity will now begin to stir once again.   Humanity within the old earth construct are connected through their division. What connects is the bindings and the bonds that were forged out of a need to survive and to live within a construct that is not TRUTH.

In order to move past these bindings and to come together united in the LOVE that IS the false bondage has to be removed.  It will bring up challenges at a very personal level for we have built our foundation on the lies that were presented because we were born into a construct that sought to validate itself repeatedly.  It is one thing to understand that everything is lie and an illusion, it is entirely another to take focus off the frustration that arises when this is realized and to focus on that which is beyond the illusion.

We are now asked to take our focus from that which has bound us, a feat in itself because our human logical mind will seek to prove us wrong at every turn which is why it is vital that we allow physical everyday human experience to validate that which we are walking. For those who have spent lifetimes working within the old frequency bandwidth matrices the movement into the SOLID MATRIX (singular) is one that is a challenge because our focus may often be pulled by those who refuse to move beyond the illusion.

It has long been stated that those who are within the system will defend the system and this has been taken as an obvious defending. But is it?  For many the drive to wake up those around them is almost consuming. Why dont they get it? Why cant they just wake up?  well fair enough but wake up and then do what?  its all very well to wake up humanity and to show them the darkness that has bound them but if they are not given hope, if they are not shown that LIGHT is the answer and the exit route then we simply have a very angry mob and that plays RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF DARKNESS because darkness reaps from the frustration, anger and hatred that then rises to the surface.

It is akin to waking a sleeping prisoner, who has no idea that they are waking up to a prison cell and then telling them "see the guards, see the walls, see the prison sentence you are doing".  Many will simply seek to go back to sleep, to the point where they were not faced with their greatest fears. Is it kinder to let them sleep or to wake them?

A lot of assumption is made by many within what is often termed lightworkers, with many placing themselves above the rest of humanity. NO ONE is here above another, no one is creating nor manifesting anything other than a repeat of what is already here if they are working from ego, from judgment and from placing a population who have already suffered into more suffering.

We are asked at this time to go within and to trust this process. To remain silent in our understanding is to take hope from the masses. There is always hope, it is not about taking the system down so much as allowing the system to self destruct which it is ALREADY doing.  It is the outpouring of fear that is keeping it in place. For every person who suddenly wakes up and is given a lecture on how bad their reality it is another battery plugged in to keep the illusion surviving. IT RUNS ON FEAR NOTHING ELSE.

So now we are asked to plug into the LOVE that IS, to know that LOVE is the ANSWER and that LOVE in TRUTH will find a way. We do not have to, we must simply allow the wider creation frequencies to do their work. Often this means ignoring darkness and not playing something that will trigger many for rebellion is the key word.  Darkness has harvested the rebellion of humanity in ways that remain hidden to many.

We use our heart to navigate the narrow corridor to the exit.  We remind those who have gotten lost in their mind and their frustration that they are feeding that which they are rebelling from. LOVE SUPERSEDES all other frequencies but many will not allow this frequency to do its work because we have been fed a false version and a false reference point for it.  It sounds better to take some action rather than passively allow the shadow to pass, what point attacking a shadow that is about to dissolve, why waste the energy? because it plays to the ego and the warrior spirit that is working fully against those who are awake at this time. Warriors do not have to be aggressive, their strength comes from their understanding and dare I say it tactics.  Knowing when to make a move and when to remain still and silent is half the battle and it is a battle. But not so much with darkness which has already lost but with our self, with our old ways, with our thinking that we know when we have not even begun to understand a picture that has been denied to us for ever.

The season is changing, a flower does not force its petals open at dusk, it waits for the sun to rise fully before it simply opens.  Many are forcing the flowering long before it is ready and in doing so are doing major damage to the process itself.

A caterpillar does not set an alarm clock prior to entering the cocoon it responds to the changes that are occurring within said cocoon.

At this time major change is now available, we may have to remain silent, waiting in order to hear the moment to move and we cannot hear it if we are all shouting loudly for those around us to wake, this simply stirs the enemy and launches further attacks. The element of surprise is always used wisely by a warrior for their life depends on it. It is no different now. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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