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Understanding bereavement in TRUTH

Within the heavy conditioning that we in this our human physical form endure are various false teachings that seek to keep us hooked into a war that is not of our making and not of our control.   Our outer waking reality is presented to us as a reflection of who we are but is in TRUTH a reflection of that which has been anchored deep within us.

This is denied by many within humanity who are now being exposed in TRUTH and who remain resolute in their belief that life is static and life is solid. Nothing is further from TRUTH and as the fluidity that has been prevented up until this moment begins to gain in momentum many will out right attack those around them.  This hidden vehemence has always existed, we have merely been conditioned to label it other than it is in TRUTH.  We may come across various individuals in our human life experience where we find that they are in some sort of attack mode and default to this with very little trouble.

To explain this in layman's terms will perhaps show how hidden this has been in TRUTH. We all know people who seem to live in a perpetual state of anger and aggression. We usually don't even have to interact very deeply with these individuals, their demeanor and their outlook is projected around them. We may feel almost like we are under attack but can find no reason for said attack.  It is these vessels that are being highlighted to us at this time because they are placed within humanity as a way of coercing and manipulating humanity in general.

Anger is a non supported but deeply conditioned emotional state within humanity.  There is much within this dimensional space that triggers anger within the human race but said anger is then not tolerated. Within the UK at this time is a melting pot of repressed anger that is building.  Under UK law much of what is labelled "hate speech" is simply a point of view but such is the control being put upon this region of the world that that which is not verbalized is being stored internally. It does not take much then for this stored anger to be triggered.

The emotional bomb that is being prepared is of course deliberate. Never have the human race lived under such repression where the human life experience is so controlled. Eating becomes controlled as it is for "our own good", this removes freedom of choice and of course responsibility.  Deny a child a treat and said child then focuses on said treat and goes into defiance. Remove a choice from a population and said population will rebel and they will do so in ways that often look very different to our reference point for rebellion.  It is challenging to then live within a region of the world that seeks to continue a war that has raged for ever and which has been kept hidden. Never have so few experienced so much.

There has been much written over the years and decades that seeks to place the control at the feet of "super powers" and have the attention deflected to said powers.  But the control that is being put in place is much much closer to home.   It is our choices and the responsibility that is foisted upon us that manifests around us.  Take for example the current "war" on plastic which at many levels is completely laughable.  How can we begin to address the use of plastic whilst we are bombarded by companies that seek to state one thing whilst doing another.  Lets save the planet says the population, so starts the internal war between those who seek to make those around them feel guilty for interacting with that which is presented.  Store cards, bank cards, fruit and veg that is wrapped in layers of plastic "for freshness", the list is endless. There is more plastic use in this decade than in any other decade and it is deliberate for it keeps the population distracted. The "war" is not on anything other than humanity itself. The manifestation becomes about the climate, about gender, about pollution but the actual root is "war" and it remains hidden.

Anyone who has studied history and war planning will know that in order to defeat the enemy then divide and conquer must be used as a strategy. If you can diffuse your enemy by having them turn on themselves then you make them weaker.

The enemy of humanity is darkness, it has waged an all out assault on the human race since Lucifer created Adam and Eve and presented them as the original creation.  It is darkness that seeks to divide and conquer from WITHIN humanity. Our enemy is not our fellow human beings, it is darkness itself.  There is no grey areas, no fence to sit on in TRUTH.

We are either for LOVE in TRUTH or against it, we cannot be neutral to it and this is denied by many who seek to stand for TRUTH whilst actively denying it thru their rebellion.

We are now moving to the end stages of prophecy and the battle lines are now filling up. We have already won this war, it was won the moment that Christ walked thru death but is presented other than it is and accepted other than it is in TRUTH.

We are asked at this time to ENFORCE OUR VICTORY and in doing so understand that humanity have been deliberately lied to and as Christ did on the Cross before He exited we must forgive them because they do not know what they do.  We would not blame a blind man for walking into a road full of cars when no one was looking and likewise we cannot blame a race for walking into that which they cannot see. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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