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Understanding CHAOS in a time of VAST TRANSITION in TRUTH

There has never been a time in living memory as the time that we are now experiencing. For many decades many have written about the "end of days" and the "days of darkness" and we have seen small snippets of change. WE ARE now standing on the shoreline of the biggest change in the history of humanity and yet many are still blind because they refuse to look UP.

Looking UP allows for a vantage point like no other. To take our attention away from the distractions that are flooding towards us at this time. The trans movement, the wars, the poverty, the refugee crisis, all are pushed towards humanity with a LOOK HOW BAD THIS IS and many simply put their heads down and try to shuffle forward, trying to find another less disturbing distraction which of course is found on every smart phone or smart tv that is around us.

Humanity have lost their connection to those around them and this is deliberate, darkness did not just wake one morning and think "aha i think i will separate humanity from Creator today". It doesnt work like that, this spiritual war began the moment that humanity were torn from Creation and seeded into this dimensional space. The spiritual war has raged on various planes of existence but only recently reached the planes where humans can be physically manipulated.

Spirituality itself is part of the war, there are many who would state they are "spiritual" without a full understanding of what the word means. Beings "spiritual" does not make you somehow above anyone else, all of humanity are at some level "spiritual" because they are comprised of more than the physical body itself.

No matter where you look across humanity there is division and separation and never more so than now and this was prophecy, this was always going to happen from the moment humanity were separated from Creator BECAUSE they were separated. A bit like a child being separated from its parent. If the child is for example dropped off at a baby sitter and the child recognises the situation the child will simply adjust to the baby sitter. They will know that their parent will return in due course. Now take this scenario and eek it out over millennia, humanity have been left with a baby sitter now for almost 2000 years. The baby sitter has gotten tired of looking after the child and often the baby sitter has had other people sit with the child. The child is restless now, the child feels something is wrong and rightly so because the child was not left anywhere, the child was STOLEN from Creator and in this despicable act were the lies that were given to try to salve the child when the child felt the disconnection.

WE ARE now at the point where we can walk back to the point of the disconnection and hand this disconnection to CHRIST Himself. We then SPIRITUALLY heal, without the spiritual part of ourselves healing there can be no healing for it is the SPIRITUAL plane that influences the physical plane. Yes you can heal the physical and it will appear to heal but the trauma of separation remains until it is spiritually healed and restored.

At this time we are seeing the damage from the stealing of humanity from Creator. We are seeing first hand what can happen to those who have fallen for the lies that Creator does not love them and that Creator has somehow abandoned them. Nothing is further from TRUTH and as we now walk with HEAVEN in TRUTH this will be revealed to us at deepening levels within our own personal human life experience.


Karen x

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