We are never more at the mercy of the Old Earth Matrix than when we attempt to try and

control the outer waking reality thru the false belief that “chaos” must be turned into reason.

For many of the 144,000 the chaos is the moving of their frequency bandwidth, they are

affected at deeper rates that the general human population and this can manifest in a variety

of ways. When we see those around us seem to carry on as “normal” and yet we feel that we

are somehow falling apart or losing our grip we may default to the human logical mind and

attempt to regulate the perceived chaos. It is at the moment of trying to take control that we

lose the battle, for Wider Creation in TRUTH is attempting to uproot us from the stasis that we simply cannot see. When this happens and we attempt to take control we are working against our own process.

The 144,000 are more prone to this than most not only because of their Creation in TRUTH

purpose but also because they have suffered to levels that are deeper than those around

them. So they will begin to use the patterning that the trauma they have endured has given

them. For many of them when they perceive chaos in the outer waking reality they will shut

down and attempt to control each part of the picture, for others they will try to side step that

which they perceive the chaos is leading to. There are a myriad of different manifestations

but the action that we are asked to take is the same. WE ARE asked to slow it down. We

may notice that physically we start to take shorter breaths as the chaos appears to reach us,

almost preparing for the assault that we perceive is going to unfold. It is in the slowing down, often times to very very slow movements that we can step out of the need to exert control.

Working with the skull matrices this is done thru the breathing that we do in our human

physical vehicle, connecting to the skull matrices can help us move between spaces, we open our heart space and connect IN Christ, this allows us to find that which is attempting to

prompt us into negative behavior. We do this thru the spaces between spaces. This is a vital

tool for the 144,000 because it allows them to slow the outer waking reality in order they can

find the frequency behind the scenes that is attempting to control them further. This may take some practice but when you feel yourself begin to tense up and begin to panic internally, connect thru the heart space IN Christ to the skull matrices. This is the easiest and most practical way to work thru this. We will find that we can then take out that which is attempting to play and we can then restore our natural balance.

If anyone requires further help with this then the ORION ALIGNMENT may be the option that is best for you at this time. Meditations can help by aligning you first and foremost and then can be used to track that which is attempting to blind you when the perceived chaos begins. Once you have done this a few times it will become like breathing and you will naturally begin to slow but you have to first of all practice to feel the difference between the two scenarios.

At this time the 144,000 are being moved out of stasis, many are being jump started akin to

jump starting a car, the LEADS are found and then they are activated, this manifests as a

series of symbols and information that you will feel resonate with you and then when you

begin to absorb it triggers something deep within you. Do not fear this process it is there to

help you and to align you further with the Wider Creation in TRUTH part of your being that

must now be activated.

For others it will be like a gentle “wake up no” scenario where you feel you are being gently

shaken. It depends how far from TRUTH the person has strayed in their outer waking life

experience which method of being woken is gifted.

WE ARE not alone, WE ARE part of a vast picture that the 144,000 are now being aligned

with, as the alignment begins in earnest then that which has enslaved them, that which has

sought to teach them they are somehow out of tune with humanity will be revealed and their

Creation in TRUTH purpose will begin to stir. It is simply NOT possible to get this wrong for

we are guided and protected at all moments of all moments.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved, www.whispering-universe.com

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