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Understanding Chaos in TRUTH

When we are surrounded by darkness it is almost impossible to see a way forward. For many within humanity the outer waking life experience seems almost impossible to live within, the pain that is internal is being triggered repeatedly by Lucifer in his attempts at retaining his tight control over the human life experience. Yet there is a chink of light for there will always be the chink of light.  Christ walked this earth in human form in order to provide the chink of light and where it is found it is responded to by our heart space for it is the call home in TRUTH that we search for, often without even knowing it.

The human heart is powerful, more powerful than the human logical mind, it is simply the conditioning that we have been subject to that seeks to deny the human heart.  It is our heart that is triggered when LOVE in TRUTH is present, it is the human heart that is triggered when we remember who we are and we must hold on to this chink of light at this time for it is the light that guides us even when we think we are blind.

The blindness is caused by the human logical mind which has been conditioned to work a certain way.  Without a repeating of the previous patterns of behavior the human logical mind cannot create a way forward. In TRUTH of course the path beneath our feet is always found through our heart space but we have in this human form been conditioned to see then walk.  In TRUTH we have to walk in order to see but the human logical mind rejects this for it does not make logical sense and yet TRUTH JUST IS.2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV) For we walk by faith, not by sight

Lucifer deliberately blinds us in order that we cannot comprehend that which is written above.  We have been trained and conditioned to only believe that which can be seen and many within humanity will defend this false reference point to the hilt. In the denial is the denial of LOVE in TRUTH, the logical defense that is presented that because we cannot "see" our Creator YHWY He cannot exist.  He is all around us, in order to reach Him we have to open our heart space fully and connect to Him via His Son, Christ. It is only in this connection that we can begin to see where we are even blind.

We have been conditioned to reject TRUTH in favor of logic and TRUTH is beyond logic for logic is only of the human logical mind itself. It makes no sense that a human being can be controlled by something that exists only on the spiritual plane and yet this happens. It makes no sense that humanity is being led to spiritual death continuously and yet this happens. It makes no sense that human beings exist in pain, separation and trauma and yet this happens.  In short things that make no logical sense exist. Denial makes no difference to their existence.

The human logical mind will reject this at all moments of all moments. At this time we are asked to look to the light in TRUTH which is found only within our heart space. To be guided by our heart space and to open fully to the LOVE that IS in TRUTH.  We were never created to live this human life experience separate from our Creator YHWY for in the separation is the fuel that Lucifer uses to further the very pain and separation that we deny to ourselves. This denial is in rebellion to TRUTH for we are conditioned to believe that in this our human form we are here to somehow experience pain and separation. This false teaching is particularly strong within the new age community which is a creation of Lucifer and patrolled by the fallen.

Pain is not of our Creator YHWY, separation is not of our Creator YHWY and yet we are conditioned to believe this.  Adding to the false teaching is the construct of religion that seeks to provide the illusion that as Christ suffered we have to suffer and this is not TRUTH. Christ walked in human form and went to the Cross FOR US, so that we did not have to, that we would be spared the pain, trauma and separation that He took on board for us.  He did this in order to provide the narrow path, for someone had to walk the path in order to illuminate it, prior to Christ birthing into the human race the path was hidden and would have remained hidden.

Christ now asks that we walk the path that is called the narrow way WITH HIM. We may experience fierce resistance on our walk to meet Him and begin our journey but once we arrive at the starting point we are under the full protection of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.

When we feel lost we are asked to pray, when we feel to rejoice we are asked to pray, where we feel pain and separation we are asked to pray for there is power in prayer.

James 4:7 (KJV)

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you

Surrender is of our Creator YHWY for only in our full surrender can we even begin to understand the power of LOVE in TRUTH for it comes directly from our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ.

Luke 23:34 (KJV)

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do

The above phrase is as applicable today as it was the moment that Christ uttered the words for we do not know what we do for we cannot see until our Creator YHWY reveals TRUTH to us and at this time TRUTH is being revealed in ways that the human logical mind cannot see but the heart can.  When in darkness look inward, find the light and surrender in TRUTH for the exit point is nearer than you think and the way out is always within. Kx

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