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Understanding chaos in TRUTH

We are conditioned in this our human form to "solve" puzzles and our human logical mind when presented with part of a picture will work to "solve" it in order to rationalize it.  This way of working is flawed and yet is used by all within humanity for it is a building block of the human life experience itself.  As such it requires to be addressed and stepped back from. It is challenging to sit still and "know God" at times when various pictures are presented to us.  The need for our human vehicle to feel "safe" grows in times of incomplete pictures hence social media platforms that restrict the amount of information that is presented work to hide TRUTH.

We must always work from UNDERSTANDING and not from perception and assumption which are both tools of the devil.  Chaos is a tool of Lucifer and at this time the chaos in the outer waking world is deliberate for we will often find ourselves falling to the illusion that something has to be "solved".  It doesn't. It has no effect on us at all unless we adopt the "solve this and get to the answer" way of interacting with it.   This is what feeds the chaos machine which is in overdrive at this time as a way of hiding TRUTH and reaping the fear and anxiety that arises within humanity.

Letting go of the need to solve puzzles and to know what the next 24 hours holds for us personally are key components of trust and faith and these will be built upon, for the road out of Lucifer's world involves the walking of the narrow path. The narrow path is called this because it is very narrow, it does not allow for adventure but it allows for TRUST and FAITH to be anchored in order that further movement can be taken.

We do not need to know that which the world is about to do or not to do in order to find peace, harmony and love.  Indeed attempting to have a foot in both worlds works against us, it will stop us in our tracks. Lucifer cannot stop prophesy from unfolding but he can hide it and he can delay said prophesy by binding those involved (which is humanity itself) in chains of chaos and anxiety. The manipulation that is involved is beyond our human comprehension.

We will recognize it when it appears, it is the sudden chaos that has us running in circles trying to keep those around us "happy", "safe", "protected" etc. It keeps us out of our creation purpose which is to follow and to surrender to Christ Himself. We are protected through our full and complete surrender to Christ, we are covered by His Blood and this protects us once more. It is when we fall to the illusion that we must somehow save ourselves, somehow do all the work ourselves that we step out of this protection and the assault begins.  Until the point of falling to the illusion we cannot be touched and Lucifer knows this.

Family dramas and  chaos are the key tool for Lucifer for we are blinded by those closest to us. We have been conditioned to move into a false role of protector for those we are related to when in TRUTH their protection comes from Christ also. It is their choice as to whether to surrender and accept the protection or continue to believe that they somehow are autonomous beings who have to somehow survive on their own merit. We cannot have a foot in both camps and Lucifer knows this.

At  this time of major shifts and transformation there will be blind spots and it is within these blinds spots that we become vulnerable. Where we find that our Creator YHWY has us sheltered and kept safe we will often oppose this believing that we need eyes and ears in the world in order to remain safe. This is not TRUTH and we must surrender to the shelter that is provided for us at this time.

When the opening is revealed to us we are simply to step through, again we may be kept blind to the world around us as we do this.  This is to protect us from ourselves, the very human part of ourselves that fully believes that we are other than we are in TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain in full surrender as chaos and anxiety within the outer waking world hit new levels and the illusion is once more secured within humanity. The way out is in. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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