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Understanding Chaos in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are conditioned very heavily to maintain a life experience that is both logical and reasonable.  Within this lies the "order out of chaos" that remains hidden to many.  So much frustration is built within humanity in relation to "how to live" and social media plays to this. Magazines filled with articles about the "perfect home" or the "perfect dress", all placed in order to enforce the hidden conditioning that states that we must make order out of chaos.

In TRUTH wider creation is a flow, a steady always expanding flow which we are being moved into as we are moved out of the stasis that is the old earth construct/matrix itself.  In this dimensional space chaos is born out of the stasis, it is the stagnation of a dimensional space that is not connected to anything at all. Any movement has to be forced and the maintenance of said movement has to be kept up. This is not TRUTH but has been placed at the feet of humanity for so long that it remains hidden to many.  Everything in wider creation in TRUTH is in ebb and flow and constant fluidity, stagnation is that which is not wider creation, it is the putrefaction of all that is not TRUTH and yet it is presented in a manner that states it is other than it is in TRUTH.

So much energy is placed and so much focus on placed on what something looks like that humanity do not ever look inside the glitzy packaging. The shinier and more pleasing to the eye the presentation the more that humanity are drawn to it and this TRUTH is that which keeps many in place at this time.   Labels are now replacing humans as the human life experience becomes like a glossy page from a magazine and if this is not achieved then somehow this is wrong.

Where is the life experience and connection to our heart space in any of this? there is not one, it is aimed purely at the human logical mind and reasoning. This looks like x therefore it is x.  Questioning is seen as too much trouble and that which is now manifesting is the separation of the head and the heart fully.  There are many within humanity who are now so dulled down, so separated that there is nothing beyond the packaging at all and lucifer knows this. This is what is rewarded in the old earth construct/matrix.

When people talk of "selling their soul" it is often placed in a religious context, there are many well known horror films that cover this and of course place false reference points within the human logical mind.  Selling of the human soul takes place on various levels within this dimensional space and it is not only reserved for those who are on what could be termed the satanic levels. Selling of souls is done everyday in everyday situations where the glossy and the glitzy is swapped for our humanity. Each time we accept that which makes us less human, less vulnerable then we are bargaining with the devil and yet this remains hidden.

Many within humanity believe that free will is a gift, it is a gift that comes at a great price for in accepting free will and exercising it often we are simply trading it for instant gratification. Our human physical vehicle has a shelf life but our energy does not.  That which is traded is not given on this physical plane but is given on the spiritual plane which is eternal. Too late many within humanity understand the cost of that which seems a good deal at the time.  Four score years and ten are nothing compared to eternity and as the old earth construct/matrix trades in life cycles many find themselves bound forever, not just for the human life experience that they initially traded.

At this time we are asked to continue to build our boats, ignoring the parade that is walking past and the shouts from the crowd to come party because the price of entry to said party is beyond that which anyone in TRUTH would give.  Our SPIRIT in TRUTH is of wider creation and therefore is priceless and lucifer knows this only too well, it cannot be taken, cannot be traded but it can be denied by the human physical vehicle itself. At this time TRUTH is being validated so that we can dissolve the denial and in doing so prepare the sails for sailing. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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