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Understanding CHAOS in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to make "sense" of the information that is presented to said human physical form. The more "logical" something appears to be then the more it is accepted. At this time the "logical" illusion that is being presented is dissolving. It is envisaged that it will completely dissolve within the coming few weeks and that which is then highlighted is what the human logical mind references as CHAOS.

CHAOS is not the absence of "logic" or 'reason", chaos is unfiltered frequency and it is into this that we step fully at this time. This allows us to complete a variety of steps that the human logical mind would simply deny us entry into. We must at this time embrace the dissolving of all "logic" and "reason" whilst understanding the need for those around us to hold on to it.

The general population will begin to do a number of things that will attempt to trigger our human logical mind into action and which will have us simply stand still as a result. They will begin to DEMAND explanations, this will come thru the majority of the social network platforms where we will begin to see a DEMAND for someone to explain in detail just what is happening. This forces the human logical mind back into the lower dimensional frequencies and opposes the movement into the perceived chaos flows which are of higher dimensional frequency and are to be navigated thru the heart primarily.

We may encounter those around us who suddenly spring to life and show an "interest" in matters that they have simply ignored to date. It is vital that at this time we surrender fully to the process that WE ARE CURRENTLY WITHIN. Stepping back into "logic" and "reason" under the illusion of "helping" those who appear to be struggling does nothing other than delay the process that is now unfolding. It is a clever bluff by the Old Earth Matrix which knows exactly what is occurring and is sending troops to attempt to delay those who are now nearing the edges of the said Old Earth Matrix.

We find the salve that is required and the UNDERSTANDING that is flowing at a deeper level within the CHAOS frequency bandwidths because they only appear to be CHAOS to the human logical mind prior to understanding of what they are in TRUTH.

We are at a pivotal time and we must be vigilant.



(c) Karen Doonan

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