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Understanding "Confusion" in TRUTH

At any one moment in this our human life experience we will feel almost overwhelmed by the sheer amount of perceived "choice" and "options" that are presented to us in the outer waking reality.  This minefield is exactly this a MIND FIELD and as we cannot reach TRUTH through our logical human mind it is in Lucifers interest to keep us stuck within the MIND FIELD and to feed on the confusion that triggers our emotional landscape.  These mini MINDS if you will seek to trigger the emotional debris that we have been conditioned to reference and in the blink of an eye we bring to life that which is presented to us in a very personal way.

I have long used the phrase "ALL JUST IS" and this TRUTH is hidden through the lens of emotional debris that humanity has been conditioned to view the outer waking reality with.  How we feel at any one moment decides the picture that we are presented with and this will change moment to moment.  We only have to have some emotional debris triggered within us and it is reflected through what we perceive is external but is merely a mirror to our own human emotions.

Ecclesiastes 1:8  (KJV)

All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.

At any one moment we alter what we have heard as we alter what we see, basing everything that we are perceiving through the lens of the emotional debris that the human logical mind references as "experience".  The more "experience" we have the deeper the reference points that are holding said experience.  The more reference points the more we will refuse to allow the picture to change and hold on to said reference points.

TRUTH is only found within the heart space so in order to keep humanity out of said heart space Lucifer triggers the emotional debris so that we go back into our human logical mind.  The choice of heart or mind is then negated as we default to the deep conditioning that we have been subject to in Lucifers world.  We are conditioned to believe and to accept that we can "think" our way out of perceived problems, that the solution is somehow external to our inner landscapes.  This is not TRUTH and is hidden in plain view for the human logical mind is akin to a huge reference library.  Searching repeatedly within this reference library creates the very confusion that the heart can cut through instantly but humanity have been conditioned to believe only what they can "see" and "hear".  This default conditioning has us rejecting that which our heart understands for what our head tells us we "know".

At this time of heightened "chaos" and " confusion" we are asked to stand on the rock that is Christ and remain fully surrendered in our heart space.  When we feel the fear arise we are asked to surrender it to Christ. To allow the picture to clear before our very eyes as the emotional debris is swept away through Christ revealing TRUTH and allowing the illusion to simply vaporize for only TRUTH is solid and only TRUTH can be the foundation for this our human life experience, otherwise we are simply treading water, growing wearier and wearier as we do so. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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