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Understanding "death" in TRUTH

We are born into a construct that seeks to manifest a million ways to die whilst still breathing. The death of the human spirit is that which Lucifer has tailored and refined and is what is unfolding at this time.  We are conditioned to reference death as the end and that when the human body no longer functions we are "dead".  This is not TRUTH, this is yet another optical illusion that is presented within a construct that is further illusion.  We are not our human bodies nor are we our human soul, we are SPIRIT incarnate into human flesh.  So much focus is placed on the human flesh part of the layering that we are in TRUTH that the human logical mind cannot comprehend beyond said human flesh in TRUTH.

The soul and the spirit are not the same thing.  Many have fallen to the illusion presented through the construct in respect of definition of human words.  Language is used against humanity at all moments of all moments.  As we live in these end times the polarization of humanity will increase, the reference points of human language will continue to polarize to the point of literal and this is not TRUTH. This is however deliberate, the assumption that is permitted is the area where darkness plays, where we "assume" to understand we walk in darkness.  We assume that someone using certain words means X, if that person does not mean X then both parties are on different pages believing they are having a coherent conversation. Technology polarizes this further, the sterility of language is in full flow with people and relationships now being sterilized through the use of technology.  Cyber bullying is on the increase because it is the sterilization of human emotion. When we see words on a screen they are detached from the living human being that the words relate to.  This sterilization is currently killing off human interaction but is being presented as supporting and somehow widening it.  Just because we can now send an instant message to a distant relative on the other side of the world does not make the relationship closer, it just gives the illusion of such.

Human beings were made to interact, to physically interact, making eye contact, touching, holding and feeling, this is being neutralized fully through the current conditioning, leaving many within humanity feeling isolated and rejected as a whole. This is the living death that appears other than it looks and is gaining in momentum. We can walk into stores and not interact with another living being as we wander about plugged into our phones and using technology to scan our items.  We can pay for said items without a single glance at the cashier.  This is the thin end of a thicker wedge that will only ever increase unless we can accept that we have a choice and a responsibility.

It is our personal responsibility to maintain the connections that we have a human level, our responsibility to challenge the sterilization. Too often I have heard the phrase "that is just the way it is, what can we do, nothing, we just have to get on with it". Do we? Do we just have to accept what is presented to us and do nothing? Or do we move into our heart space and surrender fully knowing that there is the option of LIFE in TRUTH. It is beyond what our human logical mind can comprehend, we cannot buy our way in to it, we cannot manipulate anything or anyone to reach there, we can only surrender, fully, everything and acknowledge that we do not know anything, we do not have anything, we are empty and void without Love in TRUTH, without Christ, Himself, we are nothing. Without an active connection to our Creator YHWY we are the walking dead.Luke 17:20-21 (KJV And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST Kx

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