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Understanding distraction in TRUTH

We live in a world that suggests "choice" and humanity are ever increasingly conditioned to demand more and more "choice".  Having lived in a country that provides more choice than the country I was born into I can testify the effect that this has on the everyday waking life experience.  Walking into a deli to buy a sandwich becomes almost overload as the multiple choice on offer begin a process of almost trying to solve a "sandwich" puzzle. The need to find a middle ground and feel "in control" begins to surface and yet this is hidden within our human life experience itself.  It was only by expanding the choices that were on offer that I could be shown the difference between what I had previously believed was "choice" to what I was then experiencing as "choice".

Having returned to my original country this distraction is played out on a different level with choices being made by those in authority.  This stifles the natural curiosity of the human logical mind and begins to dampen the exploration of expansion. It creates a sort of internal rebellion that looks other than it is to the naked human eye and to the human logical mind.  When choice is taken for us we move into the mode of rebellion, we begin to indulge in behavior that is reminiscent of our toddler years and this is deliberate for in order to create the internal rebellion Lucifer must trigger any and all internal emotional debris.  It is this internal debris that allows for the manipulation of our responses to the outer waking reality.

Distraction is very subtle in Lucifer's world, it is the comment that triggers an emotion on social media where we will find that "five minute checking" of it turns into a few hours and an emotional outpouring.  All is by design.

As we walk with Christ on the narrow road there are various distractions that are placed beside the road, they cannot be placed ON the road for they are not TRUTH (the narrow road is TRUTH) but they glint like gifts just at the edge of our vision.  Should we then wander towards them and pick them up then we enter a process of procrastination. This sees us indulge once more in the outer waking reality of Lucifer's world and sees us stop dead in our tracks. We cannot continue on with the narrow path at the point of picking up the false gift for it has our attention, the distraction then manifests in the physical and we may find ourselves spending days, weeks even months addressing something that makes NO difference whatsoever to our walk on the narrow path other than stop us from walking.

At this time the gifts are increasing, we have just spent a period in the outer waking reality where humanity are lulled into mass distraction through the illusion of a "festive" period.  The period called "christmas" is static, all other religious rote and ritual moves and is based on false reference points that are linked originally to pagan festivals. The static anchor of "christmas" is deliberate for it keeps humanity chained at an internal emotional debris point of their deepest pain and separation.

We are asked to begin to become consciously aware of the gifts that Lucifer places at the edge of our vision for they are person specific. Lucifer has studied humanity for ever and knows the weak spots. Whatever your personal blind spot is within the human life experience itself there will be a false gift that is placed so that  you see it, should you interact with it and attempt to open it then you will be held in place by Christ who cannot allow the walking to continue but He will not allow you to be placed on hold either.  Letting go of the gift, handing it back to Christ will see that which has paused in the outer waking life experience to begin to move once more.

Much like a popular film on the streaming platform where the main characters are blind fold in order not to succumb to darkness we must walk with our internal vision, with the sight that our SPIRIT has and which is gifted to us through the Grace of our Creator YHWY. If we use only our human eyes we will be blinded before we start, our greatest fears will attempt to manifest through to the physical realm and we will begin to succumb to that which we are handing over in order to walk out of darkness into the LIGHT of TRUTH.

ALL IS NOT AS IT APPEARS TO OUR HUMAN VEHICLE, this is a world of illusion through which we are now guided to TRUTH. Focus is vital but it must be through our connection to and in Christ for only Christ can walk us where we fully believe that there is no way to walk for the path will be invisible to us due to the polarization that the human logical mind uses to interpret the human life experience. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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