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Understanding "emotional baggage" in TRUTH

We walk within our human life experience in various states of emotional distress.  It is all very well for social media to repeatedly tell us "how" to be "happy" and what we require to do in order to "achieve" but in this our human form we are weighed down by what is often termed "emotional baggage".  This sees us begin to falter as we age and grow. What we once would have done without a second thought is now filtered through the various lenses of what we believe we have to consider before taking action at all.

The word "responsibility" is a word that is used repeatedly and is not fully understood in a TRUTH context. We may well feel responsible for something without our human life experience but is it our responsibility in TRUTH? are we responsible for the thoughts, actions and reactions of those around us? Whilst many will answer "of course not" it is precisely said thoughts, actions and reactions that we filter our human life experience through.

As we grow and mature in this our human physical vehicle the weight of this may seem intense and as we accept more and more lenses through which to filter life through resentment, regret, anger and intolerance will begin to grow. We will begin to feel that we have so much to do and so much pressure to do it and this creates yet another level of lens that we filter through.  That which we live is only ever experienced in TRUTH by ourselves, those around us exist in their own version of reality, no two realities are the same because no two human vehicles interpret the outer waking reality in exactly the same way.

This lies hidden at the heart of the human life experience and is simply filtered out with many within humanity working from the false lens of "assumption".  When we assume ANYTHING then we are sidestepping that which is actually happening. It is within assumption that Lucifer works fastest and easiest.  The human life experience is presented to this our human physical form akin to an optical illusion, we fill in the bits that we cannot physically see and in doing so remove ourselves from the moment in TRUTH.  This one degree of separation will widen the more that we run with the picture that we assume is being presented to us.

In order to come back to center and to work in TRUTH we must let go of the human compulsion to complete a picture presented before it reveals itself in TRUTH. This can be a huge challenge for we are conditioned to continually place a complete picture before ourselves then step into it. This side stepping of the human life experience is that which is believed to be the outer waking reality. A bit like zooming in on an object and presenting the picture often the picture only clears and reveals what it is in TRUTH when viewed from a different angle. Such is the trigger that is pressed in relation to emotional baggage that we often will zoom way past any picture presented and work with an illusion that we have helped create due to own emotional reaction to that which is placed in front of us.

It is challenging to prevent this from occurring but those within the Salvation in TRUTH process are gifted the Grace of our Creator YHWY, held in place and prevented from the actions and reactions that would see a false picture interacted with. This will present as a type of holding pattern, it is opposition from our Creator YHWY who is attempting to prevent us moving out of place. We are where we are at any given time because we require to be there. Movement is internal then manifests as external movement and shifting, it is not the other way around albeit humanity are conditioned to work from that premise.

At this time there is extra ordinary pressure on those who are here to work within the Salvation in TRUTH process for the dissolving of the strongholds, dominions, crosses, curses/spells/hexes that have bound humanity in various dimensional timelines are crumbling. As they crumble the release comes in various wave formations. These waves are frequency and as the frequency moves through our internal human vehicle then the outer waking reality will begin to move. However until the wave fully crashes to the shore the picture presented will appear other than it is in TRUTH. It is akin to coming in to land from the air, the airport runway will present itself but the surrounding landscape will move and shift until the airplane actually touches down. Again it will change and shift until the aircraft comes to a stand still ready for disembarking. We would not attempt to get off said aircraft mid landing and yet this is what Lucifer is attempting to manipulate into occurring through the reactions we may have to the landscape altering.

We are limited in our human vision as we are moved into understanding. Often understanding is akin to a lightening bolt, until it strikes us we are blind and at the mercy of our own assumptions and knowledge.

At this time we are asked to remain still, to trust the pilot who is Christ and to trust the flight attendants who will ask us to remain in our seats until we land.  It is our Creator YHWY who has given the pilot the flying instructions and the angelic realms see to our needs during our flight. When we have safely landed and are ready to disembark we will have the necessary understanding that is required in order to leave said aircraft and present ourselves at the arrivals desk. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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