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Understanding Entrapment in TRUTH

We are continually conditioned to externalize our internal emotional landscapes and in doing so we create the virtual reality that we fully accept as a human life experience. It is the shifting of this internal emotional landscape that allows for expansion in the outer waking reality.  We are through the conditioning we are subject to the hostages of our own internal emotional landscapes until we surrender them fully to Christ in TRUTH.

The longer we "live" the more difficult this appears to become for the reference points in our human logical mind gain more control over our outer waking reality, we begin to stack up "experience" and our human logical mind uses this as the ammunition that it requires in order for us to continue to accept "our lot".  It sees many within humanity trapped in cycles of behavior, continually looking externally for the escape route that can only ever be accessed internally.  It sees many within humanity fighting a hidden war with themselves fully falling to the illusion that if only they had X or Y then suddenly life would be different.  Such is the strength of the conditioning that the answers they seek may seem to appear but always just at arms length, always just out of reach, if only they try "harder" or "longer'. The striving is part of the illusion and is part of the conditioning that Lucifer places in front of humanity, for striving is not of our Creator YHWY, it is not our Creator YHWY who is somehow punishing us for not being perfect or good enough, it is simply the depth of hold the conditioning allows the human logical mind to achieve.

2 Corinthians 5:17  (KJV) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

As the optical illusion of external is so strong the above verse is usually interpreted as something external changing, it can only ever change if the internal is dealt with first and foremost.  It is Christ that leads us to new choices, to new options and in leading us through these the human life experience itself begins to alter and to shift.  The process is Salvation in TRUTH and it is ongoing, if there is no change, no different choices, if we feel we are going around in circles then we have moved back into rebellion for Lucifer courts our rebellion at all moments of all moments.

To surrender fully to Christ we have to adapt to the new that is then on offer, to trust the process of Salvation in TRUTH itself, to step fully into new choices which open up new avenues, new experiences and a new life. This is never of our own creation for we are not creators, we are the creation of our Creator YHWY and we HAVE A PURPOSE that is beyond the understanding of our human logical mind for our purpose is stored within our heart space. It is Christ who leads us to this, it is Christ who walks with us as we begin to understand our creation purpose in TRUTH and it He who walks with us eternally as we leave behind the old and walk fully into the new in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE. Kx

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