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Understanding Forgiveness in TRUTH

For many the human life experience is such that pain, trauma, depression, resentment and anger have become the foundation of said life experience. We are in the end of times and as such the opposition and the chaos that is being presented is increasing. This is already foretold in the Book of Revelation.  Unfortunately the media and social platforms have sought to define this chaos and opposition.  Many are seeking very physical remedies and solutions to that which is first and foremost spiritual. We do not have to "believe" in the spiritual in order for it to affect us for we are both flesh and spirit.  Lucifer goes all out to separate one from the other hence the emphasis that is on the physical at this time.

Everywhere we turn in the outer waking world we are bombarded with subliminal messages, whether it is how to be the "perfect" woman, man or how to achieve the "perfect" lifestyle, all places focus on the very physical realm into which the spiritual manifests. This looking at the "self" places the focus on the human ego and this is now fracturing and splitting to unprecedented levels. Depression is a scenario that many face and it will increase within humanity the longer the "self" is put under the microscope, many who face depression simply cannot lift their eyes from "self" and the crippling this induces is deliberate by Lucifer.

Forgiveness is a key but this too has been defined both my non religion and traditional and new age religion.  Forgiveness is not saying that what occurred is correct or condoned, forgiveness is reaching into our heart and connecting to Christ within the Salvation in TRUTH process and allows us to internally break the chains that bind us to that which is manifest in the outer waking world. We cannot do this alone, such is the depth of conditioning that we have been subject to in this our human form.

The process is exactly that, a PROCESS, there are no quick fixes, there are no one time solutions for we have been subject to the conditioning process for eons.  The first step is always the hardest for the human logical mind is powerful and has been permitted to run the show as it were. Many are trapped within the chains of logic which seeks to find a solution that makes sense. Indeed the searching for a solution can take on a life of its own, if we follow some diet, if we take some medication, if we somehow make ourselves do more somehow the human logical mind demands that all of this and often more is interacted with. The last thing the human logical mind demands is stillness and surrender and this is deliberate for Lucifer knows the power of Christ in TRUTH and does all he can to hide it from humanity.

Being still does not equate to sitting on a hill top, surrounded by nature and meditating, that is the route back into Lucifers world because this focuses on the "self" and it is the "self" that is the root of the tree that many are eating from.  The poison spreads internally within the human vehicle and results in many illness and manifestations that require to be dealt with first and foremost at a spiritual level. Again this can only ever be done through Christ for He walked in human form to show us that there is LIFE BEYOND DEATH.

Traditional religion and even new age religion will place focus on a place beyond where are conditioned to accept that the human body can go and this is not TRUTH. When Christ tells us to LIVE this is not after our human vehicle has passed. It is whilst we are still in this human waking form and it does so through the Salvation in TRUTH process. We internally purge that which Lucifer has persuaded us to accept. As we purge the internal then the clarity and the healing manifests at a physical waking level and we begin to experience life beyond where we have before.

 If no physical health is achieved that is permanent then NO SALVATION is taking place. The Salvation in TRUTH process is the path out of death, illness, depression and disease and fully back into the LIGHT.  This process is always guided by the Holy Spirit which can only ever be gifted through Christ by our Creator YHWY.  We can follow all the "healthy" diets and exercise regimes we want but if our spirit is not fully present then we are only treading water.  We require to have our spirit fully with our Creator YWHYW through His Son, Christ. Any and all other pathways are false.

The power of prayer is massive and yet once again Lucifer has convinced many within humanity to neutralize their prayers.  Prayer is only ever through full surrender to Christ within the Salvation process.  At this time we are asked to remain still on the Rock that is Christ and to hand our pain to Him, for it is HE who walks us through the process of forgiveness that leads to healing and to LIVING in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE IN CHRIST Kx

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