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Understanding "Gateways" in TRUTH

All within the human life experience is manifest from frequency, much like tuning into a radio station the human vehicle runs on a frequency bandwidth and it is this bandwidth that restricts that which can be experienced in this our human form.  In order to change the bandwidth we have to dissolve the frequency that we are running internally and which is manifesting the outer waking reality.   Without a frequency running it is not possible to experience something.  This TRUTH is hidden in plain view and filtered out by the human logical mind which sees only the manifestation and not what is being manifest from.

Emotional debris is the "interference" if you will to the picking up of TRUTH at a frequency level.  The more emotional debris that we keep tight hold the more "white noise" we have that interrupts what which is being experienced.  The "white noise" is the disruption that sees us jump to assumptions or perceive things that are other than they are in TRUTH. It is not by co incidence that we live in an age where electronic devices are everywhere and the "hidden to the human eye" frequency waves are all around us. This leads to more "white noise" that disturbs and interrupts the bandwidth that we can reach at a frequency level.

In order to cleanse and clear this "white noise" we are asked to release the emotional debris that is interrupting the picture from being displayed in TRUTH.  Perception is interrupted through the definition of reference points which the human logical mind holds on to and uses to identify that which is being "experienced".  Again this is hidden in plain view and yet can be see in TRUTH.  Emotionally triggering head lines are used not only to sell magazines and newspapers to but to instantly trigger the internal emotional debris that humanity has been conditioned to accept is simply part of the human life experience itself.

The human heart has a frequency that is separate to the rest of the human vehicle, this allows for vast expansion through the "gateway" that our heart space is in TRUTH. Unfortunately many within humanity are searching logically through the human mind which then interprets through the reference points, this sees them seek virtually through their heart space and not fully through it.  It is very easy to be fooled by the human logical mind into accepting that which is not TRUTH and is not actually an experience. Unless we FEEL we cannot experience, FEELING is not the same as emotion, the two are difference frequencies and create two distinctly separate realities.  Whilst we can find through how we FEEL, we can get lots when we allow the emotion to overwhelm us which is why we are asked to dissolve the emotional debris through Christ, this allows us to reach FEELING without emotional debris hijacking said FEELING.Jeremiah 29:13 KJV And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

We are not asked to search for our Creator YHWY through our human logical mind for the mind will reject the search as our Creator YHWY cannot be "seen" by the human eyes the human logical mind will seek to filter out all experience to the contrary. The more we seek to validate through the human logical mind the more it will attempt to place tight control on the seeking hence we are asked to search through our heart space which RECOGNIZES our Creator YHWY for only the heart is connected to anything that sits beyond Lucifer's world. Whilst Lucifer can present a dense illusion he cannot mask the FEELING below the illusion which is why we must begin to view the outer waking reality beyond our human logical mind and eyes and begin to use our heart space, FAITH is built through moving more fully into our heart space and further out of the human logical mind and its need to "know", for knowing is nothing compared to understanding and our Creator YHWY will continually validate understanding through personal experience. At this time we are asked to st

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