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Understanding how to FLY in TRUTH

We are never more at the mercy of our own internal filters than when we have been triggered at a deep emotional level. At this time there are various "world" events that seek to trigger the deep fear seeds, these are primordial seeds that have lain dormant within the human physical form since humanity (in this their current version) were created. These seeds remain hidden to humanity and are watered at various levels of creation that the Old Earth Matrix is linked thru. (Note this is thru and not "to").

We are illuminating these seed patterns in order that they can be safely removed thru our Spirit in TRUTH thru the surrender deep within our heart space. We can only ever remove these thru our deep heart space as the removal of these seeds out with the heart space leads to the head gardener coming along and seeking to replace the seeds with something that looks other than it is in TRUTH. This head gardener is not our friend, he is the walker that has walked with us thru the generations and sits hidden within our ancestral lineage.

This part of the release process is done quietly and in the strength of the grace provided to us thru our surrender within our heart space in TRUTH.

The outer waking reality will now begin its annual harvest, the word "annual" in this context does not relate to one linear human year, it relates in TRUTH to the harvester of sorrow who is now doing his rounds.

In order to remain in balance we are asked to become more consciously aware of the deep patterns that are being illuminated to us thru our everyday waking life experience. Do we tend to reach for alcohol when the outer waking world begins its pressing? Do we tend to shy away from those around us when we feel a stirring emotionally? These sorts of questions allow us to remain fully in the NOW moment which the head gardener seeks to move us from. For it is only in the NOW moment that we can release that which we often do not even recognize in TRUTH.

It is to remembered that we cannot lose TRUTH, TRUTH is solid, it is the very foundation of Wider Creation in TRUTH. We are asked at this time to remain in surrender as the war rages around us, above and below us. A warrior in TRUTH does not seek to stir a hornets nest when said nest can be removed safely in another way.

We are FULLY protected thru our surrender thru our heart space to ALL at this time.




(c)Karen Doonan

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